Advantages of desktop applications: no more excuses

You can still see the big mark that remote access applications left on the ground when they landed on our computers and in the industry some time ago. This was mainly due to the power that they had and to the great personal use that was given to the idea once it was among us.

When we talk about the advantages of desktop applications we should note that there are all kinds of remote desktop software versions available on the market. There are enough to be able to shuffle, weigh and match which ones can give you the features you need. As a business owner, as a skilled employee or as a simple computer user.

You’ll agree with me on the fact that in order to know the advantages of desktop applications we must first learn more about how these work, right? Here we go, here we go. When you install remote access software on one device, you will usually need to install it on the device you wish to access from the other device. This will allow you to communicate and access it from other units and other places, remotely, via, of course, the Internet.

What do I need, then? Well, at least one computer and your own account with a remote access provider. Once we know that everything has been installed and properly configured, we can access the computer from anywhere. Easy, right?

Once we have our remote access software installed and configured, we can fully understand what we are talking about when we talk about the advantages of desktop applications .

We can illustrate this with parables. Parables are usually a biblical resource from which a moral teaching is drawn, but we are going to use them in our own way, the technological side, in order to learn some technical knowledge. Are you ready?

“Abilio comes from a very united family; the bonds are strong among all its family members. Affection and sympathy are very common in their relationship. Not long ago, the matriarch of the family, Abundia, was able to retire after working in the sewing market for decades. As a gift, Abilio, his brothers and cousins decided to put their little pay together to buy a very special gift for their grandmother: a modern computer.`Whoa, whoa, whoa…’ was heard all over the neighborhood. But guys, I have no idea how to use a computer, I even struggle to program the microwave defrost,’ said Abundia, ‘Don’t worry,’ Abilio replied fondly, I’ll take care of that. And so it was, when Abilio had some free time between classes, he installed remote access software on his grandmother’s computer. He gave her some previous lessons, and she took the time to write down in her notebook. And when she had a problem that she couldn’t solve herself, she just had to call her grandson and ask him to operate from the computer in his house, `Abilio, look, look, I’ve got some little windows here and I don’t know what they are or how I can get them out, can you do anything? Then, Abilio, without any problem, went to his computer and from there to his grandmother’s and fixed it. The bonds became even stronger between the family”.

As you can see, both Abilio and Abundia did great, but the advantages of desktop applications don’t end here – would you like to telework? You know, that professional method of working that allows you to operate and perform your work from your very home. Thanks to the technological and computer possibilities offered by remote desktop software, you will have useful material for this purpose. Yes, of course, this means that instead of choosing the right tie to match your skin color, you will have the choice to keep your pajamas and slippers on. But also the option to work harder than ever in your workplace. Take advantage of your new “home” to demonstrate that you can work more and better from home than from the office. That’s right, the magic formula of productivity and teleworking.

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