Are you looking for an alternative to TeamViewer? Have you scoured the Internet checking user opinions and comparative studies? Maybe you’ve decided it’s not worth the bother, and you’re going to stick with the tool you use at the moment, despite its costly licensing (currently just over €1000 for a multi-user license) its recent security issues and subsequent PR disaster. If you do feel like you’re ready to move on, however,
be aware that there are several alternatives available, like Ammy Admin, Logmein, AnyDesk, RealVNC, WebEx from Cisco or UltraVNC, among others. You can read comparative analyses of these different tools online (and if not, tell us, and we’ll do our own). But we’re not here to cheer for the competition, good as they are. Instead we want to draw your attention to another alternative, which is starting to make a name for itself, particularly among adherents of the Open Source philosophy, and those who who use Open software: eHorus.

TeamViewer, while hardly a dinosaur, was developed over ten years ago, before the Cloud or virtual networks were ever things. eHorus is a modern Cloud-based SaaS initiative, and has been programed to take advantage of new web technologies (WEB sockets, Javascript) and integrate them into a Cloud-based model (there’s also an on-premise version for late Cloud-adopters); to function across all platforms (sorry Ammyy Admin, Logmein… etc.), and to include features not seen on many other tools.

So what differentiates eHorus from its competitors?

Price: the free, downloadable version of eHorus is powerful and complete enough for personal or basic network use, such as in academic institutions or small companies. With this option you can provide remote desktop management for up to 10 devices and you won’t need to share your credit card details. There’s also a competitively-priced Enterprise version, which works on a pay-to-use model.

Universal access, If you can get online, you can access eHorus, without needing to install a client server, only a client web.

Universal in general, Whether it’s for academic or professional use, you can download it absolutely free with no need for subterfuge or creating a false user and declaring that the software “is not for commercial use”. It’s designed to be user-friendly and within the scope of any user.

From any device: It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Simultaneously, if need be.

Instantaneous:, Requires no installation, just a web browser. It’s there where you need it, when you need it. This alternative to TeamViewer doesn’t need to be installed to view your information, as it’s done from the web browser, only requiring an agent to be installed to send information remotely to up to 10 devices and completely for free.

Security, One of the prime considerations we kept in mind when designing ehorus. You can get more details about architecture and security features at our website:

Multiple tools Often lacking on other remote management software, such as, for example, bidirectional file downloads, third-party sessions, administering system services and processes like access to CPU consumption, memory or system status. Not forgetting the remoting basics, “remote office”, “online presentations”, etc.

Remote console a favorite of system admins, but you can also use a remote shell with privileges from your browser, for any machine under your management: Windows, Linux or Mac.

Simple, If you want to check your systems are running correctly, for example, you only need to log in with your user and password and take a look at the colors; green means ‘all good’, yellow means you have a recently unresponsive agent, and red means that the agent is not responding. To connect with an agent displaying ‘green’ just click on its icon, and you’re in. If it’s ‘red’, check if the icon is active (IMAGE). If so, then the agent is in use. When it’s available again you can make use of it.

alternative to teamviewer
alternative to teamviewer
alternative to teamviewer
alternative to teamviewer

We humbly think that eHorus is a valid alternative to TeamViewer, check it out for yourself at

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