Best workstation laptop; some things to keep in mind

Choosing the best workstation laptop is always an important decision. Therefore, if we are faced with the decision to acquire one of the most important tools for our work, such as the best workstation laptop, we must carefully assess the different options before making a decision.

However, you may find yourself a bit lost – because it’s the first time you’ve done it, or you’re not sure what aspects you should take into account when buying the best workstation laptop you’re going to work with.

It’s not a problem! In the eHorus blog we always think about these things, about helping others and, of course, helping out our readers so they can buy their laptops, PCsand things with a little more foundation and common sense. But remember, the decision is yours; if you end up buying a shower instead of a laptop, don’t blame us!

Some things to keep in mind before choosing the best workstation laptop

-The budget

How could we forget the cash? As in so many decisions throughout our lives, money will be one of the decisive factors.

Luckily, hardware tends to be cheaper and cheaper (in relation to the features it offers), so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a good laptop for a reasonable budget. However, keep in mind that the offers vary according to the establishments and the time of year in which you are, so it will always be interesting to look in several places and compare prices.

-The brand

It’s another factor we think about first. When we pay attention to the brand we usually do it looking for design or performance but, above all, we pursue reliability. Since nobody wants their latest model computer to last less than a cheap umbrella on a windy day.

On brand issues there are preferences and opinions for all tastes. It’s usually a good practice to ask that friend – computer scientist or not – who handles the world like a fish in water; he’s probably already had a few hundred laptops and can advise you about the ones that last longer.

-Size and weight

I’m sure you love big screens. Everybody loves big screens. Now, when it comes to a laptop, what we don’t like so much is having to carry them.

Are you going to change your laptop a lot? Are you going to take it with you to some place of work every day? Are you going to use it in places like a cafeteria or the subway?

The type of mobility you require from your device will be an important factor when deciding aspects such as size or weight…

-The tasks

If the factors we have previously seen are important, this is likely to be the most determining of all.

Since it has nothing to do with using the laptop to register visitors in professional outings than using it for graphic design (for example). The characteristics of each job are different, and so are the requirements you need on your laptop.

Returning to the previous example, you may love to use large screens but have to carry your laptop all day and a large one is unmanageable. Or, on the other hand, you might prefer a smaller, lighter one…

And it’s not just a matter of size. Also consider other factors in your computer that can affect your work, such as processor power, RAM memory, hard disk capacity, graphics card quality, shock resistance, battery life, and more. And also remember that there are specific components for professional work, such as some graphics cards for design, so you will want to investigate if there are specific solutions for your business.

-A multitude of options at your fingertips

To conclude, you should know that there are currently many options on the market in addition to traditional laptops.

You can choose a classic laptop, but you also have tablets (you know, devices with a touch screen half the size between the classic laptop and the smartphone), convertibles (which allow you to remove the laptop screen to turn it into a Tablet), netbooks, and so on.

You need to be able to foresee how you’re going to use your device and the situations in which you’re going to have to use it.

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