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Frequent staff rotation. Watch out!

Staff rotation; Learn more about the problems that this may cause Do you miss Carlos from Support and do you miss the donuts he used to bring to the office every morning? Do you feel like there are loads of new faces at work? This may be due to two reasons; either the...

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8 job trends in the near future

job trends that we will see in the coming years, keep reading! Times change, but so does the way of working. Nowadays, the way of working has little or nothing to do with the way our ancestors used to do it. The methods when carrying out the same job have changed, the...

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9 Common computer issues in SMEs

Computer issues in SMEs. Discover 9 common problems with computers Do you own an SME? Or maybe, do you work in one? If so, we are pretty sure that you are already tired of the daily headaches and that you get quickly annoyed when talking about computer issues. Even...

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10 tips to reduce work stress

Work stress: Learn how to reduce this in order to find happiness Have you been feeling quite tired lately? Is your mood constantly changing? Do you have physical pain or mental exhaustion? If you’re feeling any of these discomforts, then you might be suffering from...

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Computer stress: a real problem

Computer Stress; Find out all about it so that you can avoid it Do you get nervous when your Internet connection is too slow? Do you bang your hands on the table when your computer crashes? Have you ever smashed the keyboard against the monitor? Do you sometimes feel...

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