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What is digital decluttering and how is it done

Digital decluttering; what is it and how is it done   Clean, clean clean! Are you the type of person who keeps a spotless home? Can you eat off the floor and perform surgical operations in your bedroom? What a stunner! If this is the case, then you probably want...

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Why is the Internet on your phone so slow?

Lagging phone. 5 Reasons why the Internet on your phone is slow   It happened again! Your mobile phone hasn't been able to connect to the Internet at the right time when you needed it most. Damn! Sometimes our mobile phone's Internet connection fails or becomes...

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6 myths about teleworking

Remote work; 6 false myths about teleworking   Rumours, gossip, misconceptions… In this world of ignorance, nobody is safe. Any topic can be turned into a cliché fervently defended by squadrons of know-it-alls. Nevertheless, things are not always what they tell...

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What is ERP?

What is ERP; a brief description and some of its benefits   ERP, CRM, UN, EU… the world is full of acronyms. And behind each one of them, there is always a question: what on earth does it mean? As you probably know by now, the purpose of our eHorus blog is to...

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Do you know why you should install Linux?

Do you know why you should install Linux? We are currently immersed in technology. Wherever we go, a new computer prodigy will emerge that will seek to captivate us and help us in our daily lives, or perhaps just entertain us, who knows. We are harassed by so much...

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Mac or Windows, define your style with a single choice

Mac or Windows, have you already decided which one is the best for you?   In a world where every single thing is related to technology, there are to kinds of people: those who use Windows, and those who use Mac. The two sides fight their battles and quearrels....

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The era of remote computer pilots

What is remote control of computers, find out for once!   It is still fresh that evening in your memory. You had finished eating, the dessert time going on and on as is usual in a good family reunion. You may have been out of touch with those people for a long...

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Do you already know the best Teamviewer alternatives?

Teamviewer alternatives; Discover new applications If you know the wild and busy world of computers, you will know that having remote access to your desktop from any computer is not only useful, but essential. In this way, certain files and system configurations can...

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