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The role of a system administrator

System administrator; learn all about this important job position Are you a System Administrator? Do you need to hire one? Well, this is quite common! It is one of the most popular job positions out there right now. If we had to think about one job position with a...

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How important is computer cleaning?

computer cleaning; Discover some ideas to keep your computer clean Does your computer look quite nasty? Are you afraid to touch the casing because it’s quite dirty? Is your computer desktop poorly organised? Do you have many bacteria and computer viruses? Then you...

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Teleworking in the IT sector

IT jobs from home: the relationship between Teleworking and IT They are natural partners. If there is a sector in which teleworking should prevail, then it is in the area of ​​Information Technologies (IT). So, it would be very difficult, (and almost impossible) to...

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