CIO; 9 tips to become a great Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Currently, the CIO position (Chief Information Officer) is one of the most important ones in a company. During the last decades, Information Technology (IT) has become part of companies in such a way that they have become an essential element. Without the proper understanding and use of IT, a company can hardly be competitive, or even survive, in the current markets.

Therefore, the role of the CIO is essential when it comes to understanding the success or failure of a business. In this article, we are going to look at some of the qualities for a CIO to success within a company.

– Knowledge should be up-to-date.

Due to the features of the environment in which a CIO moves, a CIO must have, not only extensive training in the field of Information Technology (IT), but also the desire to constantly update his/her knowledge. An old-fashioned CIO can hardly perform his/her job properly. In order to feed this constant renewal of knowledge, in addition to professionalism, a CIO should be quite curious. A great CIO never stops learning, and that will be shown in his/her work. In addition to this, he/she knows that there are many different sources of knowledge, including the clients themselves.

– A great CIO knows how to communicate with other departments within the company.

Due to the nature of their work, a basic feature of the CIO is that he/she should have a great capacity to communicate with all kinds of people, including those who do not have technical training. We mention this as he/she it is the “bridge” that will communicate the IT Department with the rest of the company. Therefore, a CIO should strive to understand what are the needs of the business (not only the technological ones, but also commercial, financial ones, etc.…) and put them forward in relation to the operation of his/her department.

– Good CIO’s should know how to talk to their team.

This is a basic quality for any chief, so we should not forget it. A good CIO respects the members of his/her team and listens to their opinions. Moreover, regardless of who should make the final decision, a good CIO will encourage dialogue within his/her department, in order to improve the process and effectiveness in decision making and the environment in the group .

– A good CIO is a leader.

The qualities of a great CIO are not limited to having a broad knowledge and a talkative personality. In addition to that, good CIO’s should have one of the qualities that any chief should treasure, and that is the leadership ability. A good Chief Information Officer knows how to transmit ideas and infuse them with passion. A good CIO knows how to convince and motivate. And he/she knows how to form a cohesive team that works in the same direction.

– He/she should be professional and should know how to work with data.

A good CIO may have intuitions, but he/she backs them up with data. He/she does not make decisions based on “hunches”, but on solid foundations. How else should a person who, works with information act? Therefore, behind each decision, the good CIO will have evaluated all the possible variables and used all the work hours that are necessary. A CIO cannot let it be different. For his/her job to be performed properly, a good CIO must know and use all the tools that the technology itself provides, such as dashboards, monitoring systems, etc.

– Good CIO’s know how to solve problems.

It is something that is expected of them. A good CIO is able to solve the problems of both his/her department and the other areas of the company that require IT intervention. That is why it is so necessary to have broad and multidisciplinary knowledge and a great capacity to communicate both with his/her team and with the other departments of the company. In addition, when talking about problem solving, a flexible and creative way of thinking will also be of great value.

– A great CIO should be quick when making decisions.

The fact of working with a large amount of information and having to solve problems – often complex ones – should not cause any troubles for the CIO. The features of their position require great speed when analysing the situation and when making decisions. Do you find this very difficult to achieve? No one said that being a great CIO would be simple…

– Be innovative.

I’m pretty sure that you know the following concept: digital transformation. If you are a CIO, you cannot keep just minimum. Always in accordance with the management of the company, the CIO should propose bold strategies to ensure that the business does not fall behind in terms of IT application. Therefore, you must learn from the past, think about the present, but also always have an eye on the future.

– He/she should know how to apply technology to each area of ​​the company.

It could be said that it is the foundation of his/her work. The CIO must take charge of the adoption and application of the Information Technology that each part of the company needs to achieve both his/her own goals and the overall goals of the business. Therefore, a CIO must have a broad knowledge, which will allow him/her to deeply understand the business and the sector, and he/she should never stop learning.

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