Clean up your computer: here are some useful tips you will not forget

Would it not be wonderful if things could get cleaned by themselves, as if by magic like Disney? That is what it should be like. There should be a background music that invaded everything, so that our belongings came alive and cleaned on their own. That’s the problem: Would it not be wonderful? But, damn reality. Sometimes life does not give us these pleasures, no matter how much we want otherwise, and they stay just as a product of our imagination. Therefore, we will give you some advice on how to clean up your computer, to keep yourself busy while waiting for them to do it by themselves someday.

Dust, grease, hair, lint… those bugs fill up your house, your life and your computer. Seriously, just take a look around. No matter how clean you are, microbes eat us alive. It can’t be helped. Therefore, you must be extra careful with electronic devices, especially with your beloved computer.

When they say you have to “clean up your computer”, many people think that it means getting rid of all kinds of files or software that do not have a purpose anymore from your PC, but we must not forget that a healthy mind must inhabit a healthy body and that is why we must clean, on the outside too, which includes our computer.

Clean up your computer: screens

The first thing that you will usually notice is the dirt on the screen. After all, it prevents you from seeing your favorite shows and if it starts accumulating too much, it could even start confusing you by showing what seem to be dots and commas, while they are actually just disgusting specks from the last time you drank something in front of your screen.

A dry suede or a slightly damp cloth will help you with the layers of accumulated dust. If you want to get rid of any bacteria and scabs, you had better use ethyl alcohol or distilled water.

Against the light, it is easy to see the funny streaks of dirt that scratch your screen. You should even try to draw a smile on it, because most of the times you can.

The suede is made of a kind of fabric which is very smooth to the touch, as if it were velvet cloth. Because your computer deserves the best! Use it to stroke it carefully, so as not to damage the screen. If you decide to moisten it, for the love of God, make sure that it does not drip, since you know that a lot of liquid can damage a computer device. The best option is for the cloth to be clean or unused, avoiding getting dirt on your computer or even scratching it.

Clean up your computer: keyboard and mouse

As well as the screen, your keyboard and your mouse might also get dirty. But this time you have an additional annoying ingredient besides dust: grease. A breeding ground for bacteria that goes from your hands to your poor keys and to your mouse.

Going through the basics would mean cleaning with a slightly damp cloth to remove the dust from the surface, then using a dry suede with some alcohol, and finally using a cloth to absorb any moisture left. But of course, you must be methodical and patient in order to not to forget any nooks and crannies.

As you may already know, desktop keyboards are bigger and hide more places where dirt can be found. Gigantic keys that keep getting dirty.

It would be perfect to remove the keys, one by one, to be able to clean them and, since you are at it, to clean the inside too. But you are surely as scared as I am to remove the pieces, so my advice is to get a “post-it”, which is the best, or at least the cheapest way to remove the dirt from your keyboard. You will need several of them. Choose colorful ones because what is coming is something tiresome and you might need some encouragement. Take one and pass the sticky part between the keys to remove every single speck of dust and lint. Once you have finished, you can use one of those compressed-air bottles to clean keyboards. With its elongated and narrow-as-a-twig head, it blows cold air at high pressure to blow off any kind of dirt allocated on your keyboard. If you hold your finger pressing the head, as a spray, for a long time, it may freeze, and you may lose it. Just kidding, but the cold feeling could become annoying. Be careful and shake that bottle from time to time, as if you were a graffiti artist, to avoid any trouble.

Clean up your computer: Other computer related devices


To clean the dust accumulated on the external speakers of your computer, you may use a lint roller, like the one you use to clean your clothes and you will see it works wonderfully. After trying it, you will see that it should be called “speaker lint roller“, instead of just “lint roller”. Go along the curves of your speakers and catch whatever you find. By doing this, they should sound again like they did at the very beginning.


Clean your headphones with a toothbrush (one that you do not usually use to brush your teeth, please). I know it is tempting to try to clean them by sticking toothpicks or needles through the holes of your headphones. It is fulfilling to see how the dirt comes off, but it is wiser to use a toothbrush. Cover the table with something you do not mind getting dirty, hold the headset upside down and give it a good brushing.


To clean dirty wires, the best tool you can use is an eraser. This time we will avoid using alcohol because it could become dangerous and cause a malfunction. Go find your school eraser where you left it and get ready to clean!

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