Commercial software; Top 4 benefits of upgrading your commercial software

Okay, so you own a company, maybe you are a sysadmin, or perhaps the CIO of the company. Okay, so you are in charge of ensuring that all computers are in perfect working order.

If you work in one of these positions, you must know how important it is to upgrade the commercial software of a company, by this, we are talking about having the latest developments that can help the operation of the business and having the latest versions of the software of the company. We shouldn’t forget about the importance of having the right software and avoid overloading the computers.

In this article we will look at some of the reasons why it is good to upgrade the commercial software of the company, and at the end of this article, we will show you a great tool that will help you as a new software for your company, and will also help you when upgrading. Shall we start?

This new software will help the business

Are you still using post-it notes? Do you travel to work in a horse-drawn carriage? Nowadays, any business needs information technology (IT) to survive, and this must be updated.

The market is continuously launching new products in order to meet the needs of companies. Although acquiring these usually involves a financial outlay, if the software is the right one to meet the needs of the company and is used properly, the benefits will be remarkable. In addition to this, there are currently several ways to contract software for a business (with a license, Software as a Service, etc.), which have greater flexibility depending on the company’s needs.

The implementation of new software in the company is so important that there are specific positions for this (such as CTO which stands for Chief technology officer, or Chief Digital Officer), for this people, this is one of their main tasks.

Teams will work better and you will have more features

Would you like to have new features in the programs that you already have?

When it comes to software installed in our computers, you need to bear in mind that if you upgrade it, then this will improve its operation. Usually, these will be used to correct errors or these will include new tools. Depending on the type of software, these upgrades might be essential; this is sometimes what happens when it comes to updates in the operating system.

Greater security

Usually, commercial software updates include fixes in order to improve the security of computers. This way, we must bear in mind that old software is usually more susceptible to receiving attacks, mainly because malware generators will have more time to discover vulnerabilities in it. There are some cases of operating system updates, which are often used to “patch” vulnerabilities, not only in the software itself, but also even in the case of hardware.

You will get rid of unnecessary software

The task of updating the company’s software (the commercial software) not only involves installing new software or updating the one that is already installed, but also includes actions to get rid of the software that is no longer used.

In many companies is quite common to install loads of programs and software as soon as a new computer is bought, the problem is that these programs are never used. And, although sometimes we are not aware of it, this can lead to poor performance in many teams. An excess of installed programs -which are often running in the background- might saturate the computer’s RAM and make it run slower.

A great thing to do is to “clean up” your computer and, to discard the programs that are not being used, this way you will avoid this kind of problems. In addition to this, you should bear in mind that there are many commercial software solutions “cloud-based” that can also help you lighten the load of programs installed on the computers of the company.

And so far, we have gone through some of the reasons why it is worth upgrading the software of the company. And now, as we promised, we’re going to show you all about eHorus.

Ehorus is a remote management system for computers (remote desktop software) that will help you in a lot of different ways.

First, eHorus can be a new value for your business.

Therefore, eHorus, as a remote desktop program, will facilitate some tasks, for example if you want to implement teleworking options for some members of your company, this will be possible with eHorus. Do you want to access the office computer from your own home? With eHorus, you will be able to do this!

Or you can also connect to your clients’ computers (remember to ask them for permission before doing so!). If you work, for example, in remote computer assistance, eHorus will help you.

You can also remotely help people who have computer problems and do not know how to solve these (your grandma, for example, who just bought that PC Gamer so powerful and now she does not know what to do with it…).

Second, eHorus can also help you perform update tasks remotely, on other computers, so that you don’t have to be physically there.

This way you will be able to carry out updating tasks in your company’s computers without having to go to the place where these are located (for example, work centres that are located quite far from each other).

Do you want to find out more? Do you want to know what eHorus can do for you? Alright then! You can find more information by clicking here:

In addition to this, eHorus is available at a very affordable price, and with several options to choose from according to your needs. And you can try it for free! Take a look here:

Or you can also ask us any question you might have about eHorus. In order to do this, you can use the contact form that can be found at the following address:

The eHorus team will be happy to help you!

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