Computer issues in SMEs. Discover 9 common problems with computers

Do you own an SME? Or maybe, do you work in one? If so, we are pretty sure that you are already tired of the daily headaches and that you get quickly annoyed when talking about computer issues.

Even though these problems are annoying, they do exist. Computer issues are a real nuisance because they are usually unexpected. We think that everything should work properly in our computers; because they are used to make our lives easier for us and they shouldn’t cause any trouble. Therefore, whenever any computer breaks down or works improperly, it’s normal to feel some kind of frustration.

Don’t panic! Setbacks always have a solution. In this article, we will look at 9 common computer issues that you might face if you work in an SME.

– The computers are too old.

Do you use the same computers that were used in the 90s? If you’ve used obsolete computers, you will know the problems that these can cause. Breakdowns, software incompatibilities, and slow computers… loads of old computers can create loads of incidents which will decrease the productivity of your team. Evaluate why these old computers are affecting the performance of your people, do some research and decide if you should stick with them a little longer or replace them.

– Regular IT maintenance should be performed.

Have you ever heard about “IT maintenance”? This is a series of very broad tasks that encompasses multiple tasks, but mainly we can say that these are periodic activities that are carried out on a computer or network to maintain its proper functioning. Such as software update, virus removal, disk space review, etc.…

– You might be suffering from computer attacks.

Depending on the activity of the business, and the activity of the members of your company or the ill will of ​​third parties, your business may suffer from computer attacks frequently. Virus, malware, denial of service attacks, data theft…there are different computer attacks, and sometimes these can be a serious issue.

– Software cracking.

Do you use software without a license? This is illegal, we are sure that you know that, but this is also a common practise that usually creates problems. For starters, it can be an open doorway to some of the viruses and malware that we mentioned earlier. But also, your software will not be updated and it is very likely that it will generate problems, which you will not be able to solve easily, because you will not have the support provided by the software manufacturer. Seriously, you can have, legal and economic options such as Software as a Service (SaaS) so software cracking is meaningless.

– Not enough backup copies are being made.

Backup copies are an essential part of the protection of company data. Do you have a well-defined backup policy? Is this actually well-defined? Is this being executed properly? Does this sound familiar to you? You should also check all these things with the right professional, such as a systems administrator.

– Internet access problems.

Is the Internet connection in your company too slow? You might be having a breakdown, or someone might be stealing bandwidth from your Wi-Fi connection as it might not be properly protected, but it is also likely that you might not have hired enough Internet from your provider and that is why it is too slow for your needs. If this is the case, you have to keep in mind that if you hire a basic service, then you will have less productivity. So you need to ask yourself, is this actually worth it?

– Use safe passwords.

It is more common than we think; it’s a common computer issue. Perhaps due to reluctance, perhaps due to lack of knowledge of those risks, in some SMEs the passwords are too simple. Using classic passwords such as “1234” or “qwerty” is like setting up an ad in the newspaper asking ill-intentioned people to cause you problems.

– The computers might be dirty or in the wrong places.

Are your computers quite dusty? Do your internal fans sound like the propellers of an airplane from the 1950s? Cleaning your computers is not only about making them look good, but also about preventing possible inconveniences. Computers that are too dirty will be more susceptible to breakdowns or overheating, which could damage their components. But also, problems will appear if you place them in the wrong places, such as wet rooms or where environment is too warm (Frying eggs on your computer is not a good idea.)

– Too many programs are installed.

Whether these are licensed or free to use, some companies install all the software they find on the Internet inside their computers, without thinking too much about whether they will actually use these or if they already have these tools in other programs that are already installed. Such accumulation of software can make it run slower and will cause problems of operation in the computer, especially if these are being executed automatically. To avoid this type of inconvenience it is better to make good planning of those programs that are really needed and that will be used, and consider options that can “lighten” the company’s computers, such as SaaS.

These are 9 common computer issues that SMEs can have, but if you are part of a small or medium company, you are a systems administrator or if you work in computer support, do you have in mind more computer issues? We are pretty sure that you know more common computer issues. Do you want to share your experience with us? You can do it by dropping a comment in the comment section that is placed at the end of this article.

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