Computer maintenance; common problems that make your PC run slowly

Is your computer getting really warm? Does it run more slowly than the turtles in the park? Does your operating system take too long to start? You might even have time for a mojito from the moment you press the power button until you see the first icons on the desktop

We are sure that you already know that these things are neither normal nor optimal. There are loads of reasons why a computer could behave this way, such as old components or problems related to its maintenance. And if it is a computer that is used to work, then the drawbacks will be important.

What is computer maintenance?

Computer maintenance means all those activities that run on a computer (both its software and hardware) in order to ensure that its operation is optimal.

Depending on our needs and our possibilities, you could leave computer maintenance to the experts. From our cousin Manolo who is quite good with Windows, or ourselves, to professionals such as system administrators or companies that provide computer support, computer maintenance can depend on different people, don’t leave it up to chance.

Some common computer maintenance problems

When your computer maintenance is not in the right hands, it is possible that, over time, some problems arise. Let’s see some of the most frequent ones.

The computer gets too warm

Are you able to grill ribs for 150 people by cooking them on your computer? If you want to feed people at weddings, this will be a great option to have, otherwise don’t keep your computer this way. A computer overheats for many reasons, and several of them have to do with improper computer maintenance. If, for example, your system has very old components, it is very common that it increases its temperature. If your internal fans are damaged or dirty, they will not be able to refrigerate, as they should.

Your computer has malware

We are sure that you’ve heard of them: viruses, trojans, malware, ransomware … They have different shapes and receive different names, but they all have something in common: they are evil.

If your computer is infected by these evil intruders it is probably because you have carried out some bad practices (for example by browsing inappropriate websites or opening dodgy emails) and a careless or insufficient computer maintenance that has not been responsible for protecting your computer or removing malicious content. Do take this seriously: malware can cause very serious problems, such as disabling your system or stealing sensitive data.

Your hard drive is full

Do you have the feeling that your computer runs slower? It may not be just a feeling. Have you looked at the hard drive?

As times goes by, and if good computer maintenance is not carried out, it is usual for a computer’s hard drive to be filled with all kinds of programs and files until it reaches its limit. When this happens, both the initialization of the system and other tasks may be slowed down. Also, as there is no disk space, you may have problems when installing programs or updates that are truly necessary. Now, you get why it was not a good idea to save all those puppy videos on the hard drive of the office computer.

The RAM cannot cope

3 business management software, the browser (with 47 windows open), dozens of programs that are running and you are not aware of them and, of course, a couple of malwares that are doing evil in your computer. All these things are happening at the same time.

Can you imagine yourself carrying a huge sack full of stones on your back? Well that’s the RAM of your computer right now. No matter how good a computer is and how much RAM it has, if it does not have proper maintenance it will end up accumulating more and more programs, many of them are unnecessary, and it will end up making the RAM work harder (which, among other things, will mean a great slowdown in your system).

Your operating system is quite old-fashioned

Yes, we already know that you are very fond of MS-DOS, because it was the operating system of your first computer, in which you played Monkey Island while your mother cooked dinner, but that is no reason to keep using it 35 years later on the computers in your office!

The updates of the operating systems are important to get the computer working properly, as well as the migrations to more modern operating systems, as soon as the one we are using becomes obsolete.

Your computer belongs to the Stone Age

This is already common sense. Don’t you see that your computer is so old that it even has wrinkles on the screen? And do you still get mad at it when it runs slowly? Would you blame your 93-year-old grandfather for not being able to complete the 110 meters race in less than 12 seconds? Well, leave your system alone!.

It is the basic computer maintenance problem. Some systems are too old and cannot work. Stop crying and get over it: you can always put your Commodore 64 on a shelf.

So this is it, we have seen 6 frequent errors of computer maintenance. Maybe you have clicked this article because you were looking for information on the subject because you work as a system administrator. Perhaps you work in computer support. Or maybe you just had enough free time and you were just browsing on the internet for a bit.

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