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If you are interested in an OnPremise license or a volume agreement in the use of the SaaS version, contact us so that we can reach out to you.

Where are we?

Pandora FMS USA: 255 Alhambra Circle, Suite 1100. Coral Gables, Florida 33134.

Artica PFMS:  Calle Casas de Miravete 22-24. Edificio 24A, Planta 3 Oficina 3. 28031 Madrid. España


Spain: (+34) 91 559 72 22
México: (+52) 5584 219 578
EEUU: (+1) 305 900 6683


E-mail: [email protected]

Schedule: 9-18h L-V

Any questions about eHorus?

How does the license work?
    • You may license by number of concurrent sessions that access a machine pool, in this case you may use it on countless machines.
    • You may license by number of machines and have countless concurrent sessions accessing them.
    • You may license on-premise and the price will depend on the number of hosts managed.
    • You’ll always pay the same. No mandatory upgrades. No updates. No surprises.
Where can I download it?

From the website you may install the software to be installed on the computers you want to control remotely. There is no need to install a “client” on our computer, everything is done through the web interface of the eHorus client portal.

What is a user?
A person who enters the eHorus web portal by entering a username and password and has remote access to all computers where eHorus is installed.
What is a device?
It can be a server, a workstation or an IoT device that works with Linux or Windows.
What if I need to access more than 10 devices?

You have to buy a user license. The free version is limited to 10 computers per user.

How many devices can I access at a time?

It depends on the license. There are two types of license: one for the maximum number of managed computers, and another for the maximum number of simultaneous connections

In the first case, if you have 100 computers, you could connect to all 100 computers at once. If the license is by number of connections/users and has a license of three simultaneous sessions, you could control an infinite number of computers, but only connect to three of them simultaneously.

How do I upgrade or add an existing subscription?

Through the website or by contacting our sales team.

Can multiple users access the same devices?

A computer only supports one simultaneous connection at a time, but users in the same workgroup can share access (not concurrent) to the same computer..

Do you offer monthly billing?

Yes we do.

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