Digital Manager; 7 key features of a successful digital manger

Do you want to become a good digital manager? Wait, don’t be so hard on yourself, you don’t actually have to stick your head inside the screen, or to have a USB port implant in your neck.

A digital manager is someone who has management skills within the company and also has great knowledge of digital media. In other words, nowadays, most managers must be digital managers, otherwise they will become out-dated.

The good news is that, with a little attitude, anyone can become a digital manager. In this post we will have a look at some key elements that a digital manager must carry out.

– A digital manager must know how to integrate technology (specially the Internet) into the business strategy.

The use of technological tools and the on-line presence of your company are essential, and that takes us to the next step. Do you know that this will force you to make decisions that will be taken into account?

It does not matter what your role is or what department depends on you; If you are a manager in a company in 2017, in this world we live in which is full of phones, tablets, computers, you will have to design strategies within the digital field and sometimes these will be essential for the successful operation of your business. In order for these decisions to be successful, you must have great knowledge of the digital world, which leads us to the following points.

-You must know what The Internet is and how it works.

My dear friend, do not rush. Knowing how to connect to the Internet or the password of your Wi-Fi is great but it is not enough, you should know how online presence works in the business world, what customers look for when they buy online, find out about the proper language of the network, and what you have to do in order to have high visibility in search engines, etc.

For example, today many companies earn most of their income from potential customers who are interested in their products on the Internet. Do you have a clear idea on how to use this in order for sales to increase? Do you know how to improve the online customer experience? Do you know anything about SEO? Do you know at least what SEO is? Do you know concepts like “inbound marketing”? Have you ever heard of these words? Well, if you haven’t, then you have come to the right place! Keep reading to find out more…

-You need to be curious about the digital world and you also need to take time to discover more about this.

Once you know the basic concepts that will allow you to understand how the online world works, do not stop there. Don’t stop learning and receive more proper training. Dedicate a few minutes a day to find out more about technological advances that might arise in your industry and that can help your company. There are hundreds of web pages that will inform you about business technology. These webpages can provide you with fantastic ideas, which will be very useful to improve your company.

-Hire and train proficient people in the digital world.

If you are going to face a digital transformation in your company, your team should be prepared and they will part of it. Offer training courses for your team and hire people who know their way around technology. The more knowledge you and your team have, the better the company will work in the digital world and also this transition will be easier.

-Have great presence in social networks.

Nowadays, it is more important to have a good digital image, as social networks and opinion websites have become really important recently.

Does your company have profiles on social networks? Is it managed by professionals? Or even more important; do you have a personal presence as a manager of your company in social networks? Do you establish social relationships that can help your company and your career through social media? Think about it, maybe you are missing something really important here…

-A great vocation for customer service.

When you think of clients, does your imagination turn them into 500-dollar notes? Maybe you do not have the right approach. In this hypercompetitive market in which we operate, it is the customer satisfaction – and not yours – which makes the difference. Keep in mind that when you use digital media, the user is only one click away (well, maybe 4 or 5) from your competitors. Therefore, the treatment of the client, from the moment prior to the purchase to the after-sales service, must be exquisite.

Is your company’s website attractive? Do you provide users with several ways to get in touch with you? Are you able to personalize products and experiences? Do you use technological tools that allow your team to improve customer service? Forget that clients are just money, your customers are human beings that have feelings and expectations and you should treat them as they deserve.

– Use technological tools.

In addition to understanding how the Internet works and having good online presence, being aware of the technological tools that can help your business will be essential. And remember that it is not just about knowing them, but also about using them when you consider that they can help improve the functioning of your company.

For example, do you know some of the programs that work “in the cloud”?

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