Employer branding: Is your company attractive to your employees?

Do you have a business or are you in charge of hiring personnel in a company? And you still don’t know what employer branding is?

Okay, not everyone has to know the many terms handled in the business world, but it is likely that you have come here to read this article looking for information about this concept that can help you make working in your company more attractive.

In this post we will look at what employer branding is, why it can be important for your company and some ways to improve the employer brand of a business. Shall we begin?

What is employer branding and why is employer branding important?

It is very easy to define employer branding. It is the image of a company as employer, with regard to its own employees or candidates who are considering working for it.

However, although the image of an employer that a company may have regarding the people who work or want to work for it is already very important in itself, nowadays, this quality does not only remain in the work environment, but also reaches users or potential customers.

The ease with which information can be spread -especially through social networks- makes employees’ opinions about a company particularly valuable, not only for future employees, but also for potential customers who use all sorts of sources of information to buy the products of one company or another. That’s why now employer branding is more important than ever.

Would you buy the products of a brand that has the reputation of treating its employees badly? Would you work for that kind of company? (We hope you’re not answering yes to both questions…)

How to improve employer branding?

A company can generate good employer branding unintentionally, simply by treating its employees well, letting word of mouth take effect and gaining fame as a good employer. But usually, except for a large company in which the number of people involved is so high that the news spread quickly, it is not easy to achieve this good reputation. Fortunately, even if you don’t have a very large company, there are some steps that can help you improve your employer branding.

Ask your employees.

It’s the most direct way and a good way to start. What do your people like most about your company? What measures would you take to improve the welfare of workers? What is their overall image of the company?

To answer these questions, you can create a survey. Some workers may feel inhibited when responding, so it would be helpful if the answers were anonymous. This will make it easier for them to respond with complete freedom, which will increase the value of the information obtained.

Analyze the competition.

The reputation of some companies as good employers has transcended borders, becoming one of the brand’s greatest values. What do they do to get such a good image? Take a look at their facilities, their schedules, the benefits they offer to their employees, etc. In many cases it is information that is very easy to access on the Internet (the companies themselves make it public on their websites). Sometimes they even reach out to the media. All of this can give you great ideas that you may be able to implement in your own company.

Implement change.

The good image cannot remain only on the surface, but must obey a reality. Improve the lives of your employees, for real. Don’t let it be just a hollow advertising campaign. There are many ways to achieve this, from providing pleasant work facilities or offering social benefits, to making working hours more flexible or promoting teleworking. I’m sure that the opinions you’ve gathered and the practices of other companies offer you many good ideas to improve things.

Transmit your values to the world…

Once you’ve implemented those changes that improve the lives of your people, don’t let them remain secret.

Your website can be a great way to make your company’s business philosophy known. Use images intelligently and be honest with the message you send to the world.

… and do it also in the selection processes.

With regard to the employee, there will be no better time to pass on the employer benefits of the company than during the selection process. Keep in mind that the more people you want to work in your company, the easier it will be to access the talent you need, so don’t forget to show the candidates all those “extra reasons” that make your company a good place to work.

Don’t stop getting better.

Once you have implemented measures to improve the life quality of your employees and you’ve taken care of passing it on to both your people and potential customers, remember that you’re running a long-distance race. Analyze the effects your decisions have had, and reinforce the ones that worked best. Remember that the benefits of having happy employees at work are innumerable. They will work more motivated, they will be more productive, the job rotation will decrease… and if you are able to transmit it abroad, the image of your company will be excellent. Do you need more reasons to treat your people well and show it to the world?

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