Fix my computer? Is it a good idea? 6 reasons why you should fix it

Is your computer giving you a hard time? Why is that, you think? Maybe your computer isn’t working properly due to that coffee that you spilled on your keyboard last month.

If you feel sick, then you go to the doctor’s but if your computer is sick then why do you torment your computer like this? There are certain signs that can indicate that your computer is in seious need of a “doctor”, or in other words, that you should fix your computer equipment.

But, how will I know if I really need to fix my computer? Well…
In this article we will look at 6 symptoms that will let you know that your computer is not having the best of times. C’mon, let’s take care of it!

Is my computer running very slow? Should I fix my computer?

Okay, so you are feeling stressed because of your computer. There’s a weird noise coming from it and at first you thought it was your grandfather Paco, who sleeps in the next room, but then you realised it wasn’t. And it’s your computer which is suffering when carrying out a task.

An overused RAM, a saturated hard disk, too many programs running at the same time, malicious software, overheating in your computer … There are many reasons that will make a computer run slow. If you want to find out all about these, you can read this article.

Are you seeing weird things on your screen?

If every time that you try to execute a task, strange advertising banners invade the screen and break your inner peace, then you have a problem that needs to be solved.

It seems to me, dear reader, that you have been graced with what is known as “adware”, small and annoying advertising programs that are quite annoying.

But the thing is that this could be even worse. After these ads, or after other strange behaviours on the screen of your computer, you will find some type of malware or spyware, programs created to steal information or they might ask you for some amount of money in exchange for unlocking your computer, among other misdeeds.

If you see this type of actions, don’t waste time and call a computer expert. Safety first.

Are you experiencing software problems?

Software problems can be as diverse as insect species. Incidents with the operating system, with the drivers, with any of the thousands of programs that you use to carry out your work…

Incidents with any type of software are a common thing that may require computer technical assistance, provided by the manufacturer as well as by third parties, and which will often use remote desktop software to solve problems from the distance.

Some devices or peripherals are not working

Does a wine stain show up every time you try to print out something? Have you run out of Internet connection and now you are crying in despair?

Sometimes the critical functions of your computer are running properly, but the problem might be with its components or peripherals, so then your computer does not perform well, and in the end you will not get all the features that you should have.

Lucky for you, these types of problems are not usually difficult to solve. Sometimes with a simple repair, a reinstallation of drivers or changing any of the components will solve the problem.

Is your computer overheating?

All computer are a bit warm sometimes, especially in summer, but if you can warm a room of 30 square meters in St. Petersburg in January with just your computer, then you should be worried.

Seriously, using the computer case to roast chestnuts is not okay. If your computer overheats, then it will run slow or it will shut down and restart itself. In addition to this, overheating will end up damaging its components. Do you really want to make it suffer that much?

Your computer is quite noisy

So, you have managed to repair the sound card that prevented you from listening to the videos of that singing parrot, but now it turns out that your computer emits a deafening noise that is quite loud.

If your computer makes a loud noise, this is a symptom that there’s a problem. Usually, this has to do with the presence of internal dirt that affects the operation of the fans. If this is the problem, cooling might be suffering, so your computer might overheat, which, as you know, can damage the hardware…

These are 6 symptoms for you to realise that you need a repair of your computer, although there are others, such as problems with the monitor -which might not turn on or might go off continuously, for example- or with the Internet connection. As you know, some of these problems will require interventions on your computer hardware, and others will involve solving software problems.

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Are you still asking yourself “how do I fix my computer”? Or “how will I know if I actually need to fix my computer?”

We want to know your thoughts on this, so don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section down here, thanks!

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