Flexible working, what is it? Have a look at these 7 advantages

What is flexible working? It is a different way of working that suits an employee’s needs, such as having flexible start and finish times, or working from home.

Have you ever tried flexible working? I am pretty sure you will like it. If you’ve tried it, then you know what I’m talking about. In fact, there are people who have tried and now they won’t ever return to the traditional work system. In this post we will go through some of the advantages of flexible working for both employees and companies.


Flexible working is well thought through and it involves performing your tasks well without having to worry about going to the office at a specific time.

However, it is obvious that certain jobs have to comply with certain predetermined schedules (for example shops or markets), but in some other jobs, having a fixed work schedule is pointless.

Some companies know this and have successfully tried to launch work flexibility programs. Although in some countries this is still very limited due to traditions or business culture, in some other countries flexible working is widespread and even has state programs to encourage this.

Flexible working has benefits such as getting to choose the time you go in and out of the office. Imagine that you’ve had a very bad sleep (maybe because you were dreaming about your mortgage), then why would you go to work at 8 am, if you could clock in at 11am? This way you could rest a bit more, and then you would perform better at work (bear in mind that if you’ve clocked in late then you would clock out later than usual)

Flexible working also means that you get to choose those days and hours you want to work. If you work, for example, on a part-time basis, you could take a day off to attend to a family dinner and then the next day you would work those extra hours from the day before.

When talking about flexible working, we have to talk about teleworking. In many occasions, it is not necessary to be in your workplace to achieve a great performance. In addition to this, you can also go for mixed formulas (maybe you could work from home in the morning and then you could go to the office in the evening.

These are not the only formulas to achieve flexible working. Getting to choose your vacation days without having to limit yourself to predetermined dates or working depending on tasks, projects or goals, are some other features of flexible working that companies should take into account. The possibilities are endless depending on your company or your job.


If a company allows employees to do flexible working, the benefits for both the business and the workers will be great. Here are some of them.

– It encourages work-life balance.

Flexible working is essential in order to have a healthy work-life balance. Getting to choose your own schedules as well as your working hours and teleworking, will allow you to have control of your family life and your working life. This way, your stress will be reduced, and you’ll be happier.

– Job rotation will be reduced.

If employees appreciate their jobs then they will not quit them, which reduces job rotation. Due to this, the costs and inconveniences involved in the selection processes, hiring, training, etc.…will also be reduced.

– Absenteeism in the workplace will be reduced.

If workers have a healthy work-life balance then they will find fewer reasons for being late or missing work, which, in turn, will increase their performance throughout the year. This will mean significant savings for the companies.

– Savings on electricity and other expenses.

Having flexible hours or teleworking might lead to savings on electricity costs, as well as savings for the company by renting a smaller workplace.

– Savings on travelling costs.

Flexible working and teleworking might lead workers to pay for their electricity and other costs but, it can also mean significant savings on travelling costs, and this involves the economic costs and the time spent when travelling to work. Trust us, it will be worth it.

– Higher productivity.

The employees who enjoy flexible working, work when they feel they have more energy, also when they are less stressed and are therefore more motivated, so their productivity will increase. Some studies have proved that teleworking increases worker productivity by around 15%.

– Well-being and happiness of the worker will be increased.

This is the main benefit when flexible working. Getting to choose your working hours, changes your life, makes your life easier and it reduces stress and increases your happiness. Do you need more reasons to implement flexible working hours within your company?

– Teleworking will make your life easier

Teleworking is such a great modern way to work, by teleworking you will be able to work from anywhere you want, either on the beach or in your grandmother’s house, it’s up to you. Make sure you have your little space at home if you are going to work from home, otherwise you will get distracted and you will not be very productive.

And now that you know what flexible working is all about, and some of the benefits for the company and for the employees, let us introduce you to our beloved eHorus.

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