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Can't install ehorus agent on Manjaro Linux (Arch based)

I can't install ehorus agent on my desktop with Manjaro Linux (based on Arch Linux).

my system is 4.11.12-1-rt14-MANJARO (64 bit)
followed these steps:
downloaded ehorus_agent_installer-linux-x64-1.0.0.tgz (Linux Generic)
sudo -s
mkdir /etc/init.d
tar xvzf ehorus_agent_installer-linux-x64-1.0.0.tgz
cd ehorus_agent
./ehorus_agent_installer --install
added and uncommented eh_user, eh_key, password e storage_dir
/etc/init.d/ehorus_agent_daemon start

I receive no errors. Can you help me please? Perhaps I'm doing something wrong or missing something? My computer appears on the portal, but it's red and when I try to access it, I land on a page that says: "404 This is not the page you are looking for..."
Hi Imag,

I couldn't replicate the problem.

I created the folder "/etc/init.d/", installed the ehorus agent, then I active the service with:
"systemctl enable ehorus_agent_daemon.service"

I Modify the file ehorus_agent.conf, I add the name of the user, then save and close the file.

After, I start the service with:
"/etc/init.d/ehorus_agent_daemon start"

I used the 17 version of Manjaro.

Best regards,


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