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raspberry pi, starting ehorus using sudo service

Raspberry Pi 3 running latest Raspbian

when I use
/etc/init.d/ehorus_agent_daemon start
to manually start the daemon,
it works.
eHorus Agent is running with PID 1550.

when I use

sudo service ehorus_agent_daemon start
to start it as a service
it fails.

/etc/init.d/ehorus_agent_daemon status

eHorus Agent is not running.

Also, I can't use any of the following either...

sudo update-rc.d ehorus_agent_daemon defaults
sudo update-rc.d ehorus_agent_daemon defaults 92

I have tried many different ways to script the auto-run of ehorus, and none work.

Agent version


Just an extra note,

sudo update-rc.d ehorus_agent_daemon enable
insserv: warning: current start runlevel(s) (2 3 5) of script `ehorus_agent_daemon' overrides LSB defaults (2 3 4 5).

any clues or things I could try?
I managed to get it working using

in rc.local

(sleep 30; /home/pi/ &

in /home/pi/

/etc/init.d/ehorus_agent_daemon start

But it's probably not optimal.

Trying v1.0.0 now...
Hi Xenek,

The problem with the service is bug on the version 0.8.1.of raspberry.
Ours developers are working to fix it.
I inform you when the version is ready.
Thanks for the information.

Best regards,

Your discussion helped me too. Thanks.

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