8 keys to build happy companies and keep your employees happy

Happy companies are on the rise. The idea is simple: businesses must have a little heart and ensure that their employees are happy at work, and this will also have an impact on better customer service and increased productivity.

However, although in theory it does sound good, there are those who believe that behind the idea of happy companies’ there is, above all, a marketing effort. Companies are not NGOs aimed at the happiness of their employees, but at what, essentially, they have been all their lives: entities aimed at making money.

Myth or fact, some practices can have an impact on employee well-being, and even if we don’t get a “happy company”, we can still strive to create a better environment and facilitate things like good vibes or work-life balance. Would you like to take a look at some ideas?

8 tips for creating happy employees

Don’t take this too seriously. Happiness depends on so many things! I wish it were as simple as applying 3 or 4 tricks!

But even if we don’t have a magic wand for happiness, we can take into account some ideas that might make the life of your workers a little more pleasant.

– Define roles clearly

There are few things more hopeless than not knowing what to do or, even worse, not having anything to do.

Happiness at work begins with a clear understanding of what we do. So if you are in charge of defining these, don’t forget to communicate them clearly. Organize, plan and talk to your team. Don’t leave them unguided!

– Encourage a good atmosphere

Fights at work aren’t cool at all.

If your workplace looks like an MMA cage, you may need to change a few things. Think, for example, if your people are suffering from excessive stress that creates a bad environment. Or maybe there is poor communication that leads to misunderstandings.

Encouraging a good atmosphere is not too difficult. A coffee maker and a place to chat during breaks can create miracles. An outing or recreational activity will also help from time to time. You may lose a few hours of work, but you’ll get other very positive benefits.

– Reduce stress

Rest periods are not only required by law, but also increase productivity and reduce stress.

Human beings are not machines, and we need to lighten up from time to time. Facilitate break time and don’t overwork your people. You’ll be taking care of their health and their mood.

– Provide work flexibility

Apart from not being robots, human beings have other special qualities, such as having family or hobbies.

Work flexibility is one of the most important factors when it comes to creating happiness at work. Flexible working hours or teleworking will be very much appreciated by your people, and some studies even claim that it can help increase productivity – don’t you think that’s a good reason to start exploring this path?

– Establish a fair wage

With a handful of exceptions, most of us work for money. This is the situation, and it is not unrelated to the fact that we like our job, but for most of us the wage is the main reason for waking up every morning and heading to work.

So, regardless of the measures you take to promote happiness at work, you won’t get much if you don’t pay fair wages.

And what is a fair wage? Well, that depends on the place where you live. Plus, you know your industry better than anyone else and the features of the job that your people carry out.

– Value the work that is well carried out

It is not so hard to use nice words. And, in addition, recognizing a job that has been well performed will bring multiple benefits.

On the one hand, the employee will feel more recognized. On the other hand, a better environment will be created. If you also match the positive message with a bonus (days off, extra pay, etc.) you will be able to strengthen the effect.

– Tell your people about the positive aspects of their work

Realizing that the work you are doing makes sense is a great incentive. Several studies have found that working towards a worthy goal increases employee satisfaction. However, it will not always be easy to find a social purpose in our activity.

However, most companies do some kind of positive work, even at the basic level when it comes to meeting the needs of their customers. Realizing what your employees are achieving for others when they do their jobs will be a way to make them realize that their job makes a lot of sense. It’s worth a try, don’t you think?

– Try to be fair to everyone

It’ s true, it won’t always be easy, but you have to try. Uneven treatment will create a bad environment and displeasure, so you can’t allow this.

Keep your eyes open and listen to your employees’ complaints. There may be injustices to be corrected, but it may also be some misunderstanding. In any case, a good attitude will help you.

And so far we’ve come up with our ideas for happy companies or, at least, happier employees – do you want to see something else?

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