How to advertise a job vacancy in a more attractive way

You have a company or work in a Human Resources department, and you must hire people. Is there anything in the world makes you more lazy? You know what you’ll have to do now: review hundreds of resumes and conduct dozens of interviews. And all this in order to be able to replace dear John Smith, who had been with you for 10 years and was so competent, so professional and so familiar with the company that he even knew where dust bunnies accumulated most frequently in the kitchen floor. Now Johnny is leaving you for the rival company because they offer him premium sugar for his coffee (Johnny has a bit too much of a sweet tooth), and you wonder how you can replace him.

It is not going to be an easy task; you know that talent -the real talent, like that of Johnny-, does not abound and attracting great professionals to work in your company will not be easy. How to achieve this?

Forget the sugar, there are better ways to do it. In this post we will look at some ideas on how to advertise a job vacancy in a more attractive way and get the next Johnny recruited for your company.

Choose a title that can be understood.

“Legendary keyboard warrior endowed with superpowers” may sound great, and may not be too far from reality, but it’s not very rigorous if you’re looking for a system administrator. Keep in mind that most companies advertise job vacancy via search engines, and in these candidates usually search for terms more or less known, so you should stick a little more to market standards.

Find the right tone.

Here you have to be very subtle. It is not a question of looking cold and distant as if you were looking for an accountant in a rainy morning of 1932, but entering into full old friend/colleague tone can result as an imposted closeness and “authenticity”. Look for a kind, but professional tone. In the middle, you’ll find virtue, Grasshopper.

Make an honest description of the job vacancy.

Do you want to waste your time and get others to waste theirs too? It’s not just about getting as many candidates interested as possible, but also about people who might have a real interest in working with you ending up doing the interviews. Therefore, sincerity and clarity must be essential values when describing the job that is being offered.

Make a realistic description of qualities.

If you ask impossible characteristics such as “people under 25 years old, with 17 years of experience, doctorates by the M. I. T., ex-astronauts of the N. A. S. A. and who perfectly master Latin and cuneiform writing “just because you want to find a “superworker”, it is possible you end up scaring away highly qualified candidates. Be sensible when drawing up the list of skills you consider necessary for the job vacancy you are advertsing.

Talk a little bit about the company.

It is not that you repeat over and over again that you are the best, the most modern, the most wonderful and that anyone would sell their soul for working with you (which is a bad habit too common in some job offers), but you can briefly describe what your activity and the company’s work philosophy is. It will be a nice business card, and the candidate can always be inclined to look for more information on your website if they are interested.

Make the position offered really attractive, and make sure that it is clear.

This is probably the most important aspect of all. What are the qualities of your company and position that make the job offer more attractive? What can you do to make it even better?

You could value, for example, the possibility of offering all kinds of incentives, such as for example:

  • Free health or life insurance for employees.
  • A free or discounted daycare service for employees with young children.
  • Time flexibility.
  • Possibility of teleworking.
  • A tailored professional plan.
  • Vocational education and training plans.
  • Economic incentives.

It’s in your hands to assess what incentives you can incorporate into the job offer to make it more attractive, but in any case it is good that you know that there are many ways to achieve it. And once you’ve been able to provide the offer with ingredients that make it more interesting, don’t forget to tell the candidates. Whether it’s in the offer itself or during the interview, let interested people know the advantages of working in your company. Even if you don’t think so, some of the incentives you can offer will be highly valued, and will make candidates inclined to work with you.

Give sufficient visibility to the offer.

You may be offering the best job in the world, but if it has no diffusion, not even your nana will be interested in it. Today, there are many ways to reach people interested in finding work. Job portals, search engines, advertisements… Evaluate the different options you have to reach them and use the ones you consider most appropriate, without forgetting to inform yourself beforehand about what are the most common means of finding work in your sector.

And of course, don’t forget to include in your own website a space so that people interested in working with you can send you their resume. This will be the best way to obtain a continuous flow of candidates that can facilitate recruitment efforts.

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