How to control your pc by using your phone, a dream come true, right?

If you can’t leave home without your mobile phone, wallet, tobacco, keys, and specially your mobile phone, then, you’re one of those people obsessed with technology, I already like you. Maybe you are someone who is quite contemporary, perhaps who wears sunglasses and is very aware of the cyberfantastic moment we are living in.

For you, any laptop reminds you of that first computer of the 1940s that weighed a ton and only had a capacity for 64 words of 22 bits. You need something smaller and more ergonomic to fit in your pocket. Your mobile phone is the key to controlling the world of the living, and you could use it to open a beer or to make firewood for the winter if it wasn’t dangerous. Well, anything goes.

Now, thanks to the golden age we’re sliding into, you can even learn how to control your pc by using your phone. I know you like the idea, and I know you see a lot of possibilities in it. And that’s right, don’t worry.

Of course, if you haven’t mastered the art of controlling your computer from your mobile phone yet, you may be wondering how you can do this. For me, one of the best ways to do that is with remote desktop applications. Do you know them?

Remote control applications allow you to control your PC without being in front of it, which is more useful than it seems. For example, it can be useful if you have forgotten some files at home, or if you want to see a photo or simply to turn off the PC that you left on by mistake.

When you install remote access software on one device, you will usually need to install it on the other device (your mobile phone if you want to learn how to control your pc by using your phone, for example). This will allow you to communicate and access it from other units and other places, remotely, through, of course, the Internet.

Remote computer management systems are often cloud-based. And, as I said, in order to start using them, it’s usually enough to install and run a simple software (agent) on your computer. This agent will connect to servers allowing you to connect to them from anywhere or any device, such as your mobile phone.
One of the examples of remote access software could be Ehorus, which alongside other purposes, will also help you to control your computer from your mobile phone.

For the record, Ehorus is a computer management system that allows you to access your devices wherever they are, from a browser, without having direct connection to your devices from the outside.

In Ehorus, you will also need to install the agent on the chosen device (for example: a mobile phone if you want to learn how to control your pc by using your phone) and then provision it on the Ehorus central server before you can remotely access it. In order to provision an agent and make it accessible, you will need to have a valid Ehorus user. Once the agent has been configured to be used by a user, when starting it up, it will make the provision and it will be running, and it will be ready to be accessed from the outside.

Then all you have to do is pick up your latest mobile phone, use your browser to access the Ehorus site thanks to your user and see the list of devices you have access to, since you can choose more than one. Don’t worry, you’ll be protected by your own password.

Once you’re inside, a screen will open on your mobile, just like it would on any other device. Here you will find the means to access several of the Ehorus possibilities scattered in the relevant tabs. “Console”, “Processes”, “Services”, “Files”, “Desktop”, “Share”…

With these tools you will have many possibilities, as soon as you learn how to use it and how to give support, since you can use Ehorus to give support to customers, friends, your own machines… In any environment: professional, educational, personal…

The “Desktop” feature is prepared for a user without much computer knowledge. It is perfect for learning how the tool works. Thanks to this tab you will be able to see the desktop of the computer you have accessed on your mobile device.

For example:

“-Baby! There’s some weird stuff popping up on the computer screen!”

“No problem, mommy, since you already have eHorus installed, I’ll look into it to see what’s going on with that computer of yours.”

Our friend will only have to access eHorus from his mobile phone, then unfold the desktop that his mother will also be able to see from home, and then see the terrible problem that is haunting his mother’s computer, which she bought for Christmas and is constantly giving her a headache.

Other tabs, such as the “Console” tab, offer more experienced and precise possibilities. For example, a person who is managing a Linux machine park, will use the Console section a lot more, since its features are much more professional.

Now, do you want to find out more about what eHorus can do for you? No problem, just click here:

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