How to save money at work: 5 simple and effective ideas for this

We all like to have money in our wallets or in our bank accounts, right? As you probably know, in order to achieve this, there are two main ways, which complement each other. On the one hand, make money; on the other hand, save it.

To earn money, most people work (we know that you already know this). But one thing that we don’t do is to check the numerous expenses that the activity of working itself can also create and that we could eliminate or reduce, this way achieving the great result of saving money at work.

Whether from the point of view of the company, or from the point of view of the employee, in this article we are going to see some ideas to save money when you work or when your employees work. Shall we start?

Avoid small expenses

Can you live without the huge expensive coffee that you pick up from the coffee shop every morning? No? Are you sure you can’t live without it?

It’s not that we want bars and coffee shops to shut down because of you, it’s just an example of one of those superfluous expenses that, due to its small amount (also called “micro-expenses”), seem insignificant, but they end up being a more important outlay at the end of the month.

More ideas? For example, if the company is yours or you are in charge of organizing the working space, you can install a coffee machine in your workplace. Employees in your company will save money and the work environment will improve, with all the benefits that this entails.

Homemade food is cheaper (and usually healthier)

Are you one of those people who feel great laziness about the idea of ​​having to prepare a Tupperware with food for work? Very well, this might be hard, we know that, but if you rather spend money everyday on a takeaway, be aware of how much this costs you at the end of the month, it’s up to you!

Ready meals are usually much more expensive than homemade food and, depending on the places you go, takeaways can also be less healthy.

However, if the Tupperware plan is not working for you, there are also some tricks to spend less money in restaurants, such as saving on drinks or desserts. Do the number and you will notice this at the end of the month.

And if the company is yours, remember that installing a microwave will not mean a large outlay, and it will make the Tupperware option a bit more appealing to your employees. Just think about it….

Choose your work schedule accordingly. Another great idea on how to save money at work

Currently, more and more companies are doing flexible work schedules. In addition to the many advantages these offer, for example a great work-life balance, this type of schedule also saves money. For example, you can choose your entry and exit times so that you can go to work when the traffic is less congested (which will mean a saving in fuel), or compensate overtime with an off-day or telework, that will avoid some transport expenses.

Reduce infrastructure expenses. Yep! Another idea on how to save money at work

This is an idea for the business point of view. If you have a company, you will know that office expenses (rent, electricity, heating, computer equipment, etc.) are quite important, and can even make a difference in the results at the end of the year. There are many ways to reduce these, such as searching for the best offer in supplies or computer equipment for the business. Or you can also provide teleworking for those people who might be interested in using this option. This will allow you to have fewer employees in your workplace, which will mean savings in expenses, and some studies even claim that the productivity of people who telework increases.

Transport savings

Like most people, if you have to travel to get to your workplace, we are sure that you have ever calculated the cost of this. Especially if you use a private vehicle to do so, daily commuting to your workplace can mean hundreds of euros per month, if we take into account expenses such as gasoline, maintenance, breakdowns, acquisition and wear of the vehicle, etc.

There are some ideas to reduce these expenses (although it will not always be possible to put them into practice), which range from using public transport to sharing the vehicle with other people.

In addition to this, there is a recent option that not only saves you money when travelling, but also for time involved in this. Indeed, again we are talking about teleworking. Do you want to find out some of the benefits (and also disadvantages) that teleworking can offer? We have already talked about it, here.

But, you have to keep in mind that the trips to get to work and to get home are not the only ones that take place during the day, and there may be others, depending on your activity and your work. For example, if work in computer support, you could save a lot of money in transport and time if you had a good remote management software that could help you with your work.

These are just some ideas on how to save money at work. Did you like these? Do have more ideas on how to save money at work? You can share them with the readers of this blog in the comments section down below, placed at the end of this article.

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