How to increase the productivity of an office. 7 great ideas to apply!

It could be difficult to increase productivity at your office, since an office can be chaos, a noisy and uncomfortable space where nobody wants to go to work. But it can also be a pleasant place, in which the good atmosphere and ideas flow, where you work with joy and in which from time to time Santa Claus comes over riding a unicorn delivering boxes of cookies and lots of candy.

Okay, maybe the last thing was a little bit exaggerated, but is it not what you prefer for your company? Would you rather work at ease while people give it their best shot or for every day at work to be like hell and for the company to end up going down the drain? The answer is crystal clear, although the way to achieve it may not be so.

The old concept of office, static and somewhat suffocating places, has changed to create spaces in which you are a little more willing to work. In addition, companies know that a good environment is something positive, and strive to promote it. But getting all of this means getting down to business.

Do you want for your office to be a better place to increase productivity? Do not wait for Santa Claus to bring you those cookies to cheer you up. Some of these ideas may come in handy for you.

7 tips to increase productivity at your office

-Natural light is much better

Everybody knows it. Natural light in the workplace promotes overall better health, improves defenses, mood, and even reduces sleepiness.

Do you know that feeling of going to work at night and returning home also at night, without having seen the light of day? Then you will know that it is quite depressing! There are few things that ruin the mood more than the prospect of spending the whole day working under artificial light, so if it is up to you, try to let your people enjoy the sunlight.

-Care for the basics and also the little details

In addition to light, there are many aspects to watch over in an office. Is there too much noise? Not nice! Is it freezing cold in winter and you get roasted in summer? That is even worse! Is your office so sinister that you thought you saw some vampire walking around? No, buying garlic is not the solution!

Workplaces should be pleasant, comfortable and, of course, healthy. Those are the basics that you must not forget.

But in addition to that, you can obtain an extra by taking care of some details. A reasonable amount of plants or a pleasant decoration can improve the atmosphere so that you are more willing to work. Take care of those details, it is not that much work!

-Create resting spaces

They are becoming more common in companies, and that means something.

Surely you know the headquarters of some famous companies (Google, for example) and you have been surprised by the areas they devoted to leisure. Ok, it is possible that your company does not have the same resources as those of Google, but have you ever thought about how things would improve by creating a space, for example, a relax room that contains a coffee maker, a microwave, a little fridge or, in short, elements that provide a few moments of rest?

This type of space does not only make it possible for you to clear your head from work, but it also promotes relations between workmates and the interchange of ideas, which is why they bring multiple positive effects.

-Create heterogenous spaces

Work is not always the same. Sometimes there is need for an open space in which to share ideas, but some other times it will be good for you to have a quiet place, where nobody bothers you. Even, in other occasions, you will need a greater space, in which to be able to hold meetings.

For all this, it will be good to have different environments in your workplace. Smaller and quieter rooms in which you can even focus more when working, spaces where you can serve customers, meeting rooms… Think well about the present and future needs and keep them in mind. Functionality and productivity will improve.

-Make your office have its own personality

Are you doing things right, but you think that everything is too neutral? You may need a little more personality.

Works of art and corporate elements can help increase productivity and help create the brand’s image. Some studies claim that the presence of works of art is inspiring and increases creativity, so it may be a good idea to have them in your workspace. On the other hand, some corporate elements, such as pictures, agendas, posters, etc. can promote the company culture and remind the idea that you all have a common goal.

You do not need to buy one of Picasso’s paintings, or engrave the brand’s logo even on the teaspoons, but some small details can be nice and positive.

-Use technology

Technology exists to make things easier for you, and it could mean a huge boost on productivity in the work environment.

The technology needed by your office will depend on the activities you do, that is the reason why it is up to you to find out what can help you the most. Of course, when you do, do not think only about the costs, think also about the benefits that it will bring you!

-Allow more flexibility

Sometimes, the best office will not be in your own office.

Labor flexibility or teleworking are measures that can increase productivity by themselves, but they will also provide other beneficial effects no less important.

For example, they will improve the reconciliation of work with family life, which can be very important for many workers. In addition, by allowing work to be done with less pressure (hourly rigidity, for example, can be quite stressful) the environment and performance will be better.

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