Do you know why you should install Linux?

We are currently immersed in technology. Wherever we go, a new computer prodigy will emerge that will seek to captivate us and help us in our daily lives, or perhaps just entertain us, who knows. We are harassed by so much newness and information, it is very difficult to discern between what really suits us.

But you have to change, try new things, you need to discover that there are more possibilities than we believe out there.

Normally we are going to choose between Windows or Mac, for example, but what if we try to install Linux? If the people around us knew all the benefits of installing Linux on their computers, it is very likely that they would have already decided to do so. The list of utilities and benefits is very extensive, we will try to summarize the most important points.

The price

There is one thing we have assumed when it comes to buying a computer these days: we buy it with the Windows license. However, if you want to save money, maybe you should buy a computer without an operating system. I know nobody does, but if you think about it, it can cost 100 euros less than any other app that comes with Windows 10. Of course, you can also use free apps such as OpenOffice and GIMP as alternatives to Windows Office or Photoshop.

Revive old computers

Yes, installing Linux can lead you to shout “it’s alive!”, like Professor Frankenstein in his lab. Why? Because if you have a computer that you no longer use, has become obsolete, or that can barely withstand Windows itself, installing Linux does not cost a thing, weighs little and hoards far fewer resources than the powerful Windows 10. So for computers that have been left behind or with low capacity is great.

Microsoft has been able to do a wonderful job with Windows 10 and for latest generation computers there will be no problem, but a different thing is the case of less powerful or outdated computers, which an installation of this new operating system will leave them fried.

Safety first

Whoever tells you that an operating system is one hundred percent secure, doesn’t know what terrible times we live in. However, when installing Linux you will realize that the difference between this one and Windows regarding this issue is kilometric. While in Windows you must install all kinds of firewalls and antivirus that consume the capacity of your computer without really knowing if they are doing something, in Linux you only have to control the repositories of apps and the use of Flash.

And as for privacy, well, Windows besides directly collecting information about you, also has Cortana, a virtual assistant, quite helpful and accommodating, who learns all about you while sending that information to its creator, Microsoft. However, the good old Linux doesn’t; when you install Linux you’ll realize that you’re barely asked for personal data and that not much information is kept for them either.

Master in programming

Of course installing Linux will mean for you to learn everything you didn’t know about programming and systems. The edition and the games will not be so present in this system, but your learning will come along with the deepest need of comprehension at the time of handling it. Completing tasks at the beginning can be a bit unfamiliar and challenging but this will only mean that in a short time you will be prepared and that your computer skills will be greater than from those who use Windows. Although Ubuntu or certain emulators that you can use with Linux can save you many problems and smooth the way to this new technology.

There’s no need to say goodbye

You don’t have to be ostracized, installing Linux doesn’t mean saying goodbye to Mac or Windows. With Ubuntu you can run dual-boot systems or, using the instructions on the Ubuntu page, get to them via USB. Installation is quite simple, although performance may be affected and limitations may be encountered when executing some system operations.

You have the basics

When you get to Ubuntu you will come across Firefox to access the Internet, Thunderbird to get to your email and LibreOffice to do those little things we like so much, create all kinds of documents.

Google Chrome, Plex, VLC, Slack, Dropbox, Skype, Spotify… these will be available to install on Linux, don’t be afraid. And other versions are very worthy to be used: Evolution instead of Outlook, Kodi as file player or GIMP, as we have said, as equivalent of Photoshop.

Shall I keep it?

Well, after reviewing these ideas, you might have some kind of doubt. However, from here we want to make it clear that Linux will always be one of the best options for all those who want to learn, save and feel safe. Windows and MacOS, of course, have their virtues, but Linux equals them in terms of productivity without any doubt.

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