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Knowmads; the professionals of the future. Learn all about them

Are you one of these “Knowledge Nomads”? Have you ever heard of them? What? Knowledge Nomads, or “knowmads” are those workers who are highly valued by companies, for their flexibility and specialized knowledge. Some people think that this type of work will experience a great boom in the near future, even many professionals, who are “static” or perform traditional roles in the company today, will become knowmads. You might be a knowmad already (or you could become one) and you might not even know it.

In this article we will discover what a knowmad is and some of the qualities that you need in order to be one of them.

What is a knowmad?

A knowmad is a person who is specially qualified in his/her field, for this person knowledge is his/her greatest professional value. In addition to this, this person has high mobility, which means that this person is able to physically move to the places where he/she is needed and is also able to work remotely thanks to technology.

There you go, that’s where the term “knowmad” comes from, and it’s a combination of the terms “know” and “nomad”. It was created by the researcher John Moravec, the term has been quite popular in recent years, and it has been used to define a new trend in the work environment and it reflects the qualities of some modern professionals.

How about we dig a little deeper into the concept? The knowmad lifestyle can be quite appealing to many people. Working with knowledge can be quite rewarding, and the changes of work environments might lead to multiple experiences. Although you need to know that you will need some qualities to become one of them.

Are you a knowmad?

Knowmads are professionals with great added value for companies. In addition to this, the concept itself, the continuous learning and the change, makes becoming a knowmad something appealing to many people. Nowadays, in order to be a knowledge nomad, you will need to have certain features, which are quite specific.

One of them, has a lot to do with the desire for knowledge. Knowmads have an infinite curiosity which leads them to acquire knowledge from all possible sources. But, wait…they are also able to use the knowledge acquired in their work, this way implementing new techniques or methodologies in the new projects.

Knowmads are creative, innovative people, who have an open mind and always seek new ideas, but not only conceptual ones, but with a practical application.

Although they can work in other formats, projects are the natural work environment for knowmads. The nomadism which is part of the concept fits perfectly with work based on projects. Knowmads will not develop a professional career in a single company, but will move from one to another with ease, participating decisively in specific projects, until their role there ends.

Because of the mobility of the knowledge nomad’s life, it is clear that they will enjoy certain personal qualities. Those people who tend to remain in one place due to a family situation, then it will be difficult for them to be knowmads, although they might be able to do it in an area with great economic activity or they might be able to find projects, which might be carried out remotely.

Another key quality of a knowledge nomad will be the ability to collaborate with different people. The lives of knowmads, the constant change, will force them to deal with multiple professionals and clients, with all kinds of training, origin and different ways of working. A collaborative attitude combined with an outgoing personality will help the knowledge nomad in their work, and will lead to new projects.

Of course, this is a new concept that seeks innovation and the application of knowledge, the use of technology – and especially the use of information technologies; these will also be part of the knowmad’s features. Thus, knowmads will know and use the technology tools, both to carry out their work, and to implement them in their projects.

The future of Knowmads

We have gone through some of the basic lines of a knowledge nomad. While there are currently some professionals who can fit into this term, in the future it is expected that many more people will choose the knowmad way of working and companies will look for those professionals that enjoy the characteristics of the knowledge nomad when hiring new people.

And what about yourself? What do you think about this new way of working? Do you think that the number of knowmads will rise in the future or do you think that our way of working will remain quite similar? Or maybe you think that a third way of working, which might be totally different from the previous ones, will be created

We are pretty sure that you have very interesting ideas, don’t forget to share your ideas with us. We would like to read them! If you want to share them with the readers of the blog, you can do that by leaving a message in the comment section that is placed at the end of this article.

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