Laptop security: here you have some basic but useful ideas

Security and IT are closely related. As the information carriers that computers are, its security is a matter of great importance.
Being an essential issue for desktops, when we talk about laptops, the cautions should be increased. Keeping them constantly on the go- for example, taking it with you on a trip- will cause to multiply the number of risks it’ll have to undergo, for which it will be convenient to keep your eyes peeled.
In this article, we’re going to show you some ideas to improve your laptop’s security. Pay attention!

Never lose sight of it

It’s a pretty basic idea, but many of us do it frequently. If you are in an environment where you have no control of, you should never lose sight of it. Haven’t we be persuasive enough to make you stick to this rule? Continue to the next tip.

Think of your computer as if it was money… your money

As we mentioned before, it’s an idea that makes a lot of sense if you use your laptop outside an environment where you have absolute control. Would you leave a stack of dollar bills unattended on an airport’s waiting lounge chair? Absolutely not, right? Then, why do you do it with your laptop?
Your laptop is not just important for its economic value, but for the information and work that can carry, which usually exceeds by far the computer’s value. If this doesn’t seem enough of a reason for you not to look after it as if it was worth its weight in gold (or even more), that’s up to you…

Do not leave the computer on the floor

Leaving the computer on the floor will always be a bad idea. And if we keep in mind that, normally, its paint is usually of dark and dull colors, it is an even worse habit.
To leave your laptop on the floor is the perfect formula to get someone to step on it or kick it and break it, or even you can cause someone to fall. A wonderfully awful idea no matter how you look at it…

Do not leave your laptop inside a car

It is another bad habit for several reasons. If you leave it at sight, you could lure some evil-minded people to open your vehicle or break one of the windows to get inside it and steal the computer. This will provoke double the harm, not just because of robbery, but the damages to the car as well.

But even if you hide it, it’s still a bad idea. Frequently, and more so in summer, the temperature of a shut car can quickly rise greatly. Keeping in mind that the components of a laptop, especially if it’s running, can suffer serious damages if they are exposed to high temperatures. It doesn’t seem that the interior of a closed car is an ideal place to leave it, right?

Use locks or security cables

Although they aren’t very well known, they can happen to be quite useful. It consists of devices that prevent to laptop’s screen to be opened or they lock it to places from where it would be difficult to lift it. They come in many options, from ones that use a key to unlock it, to some other which are unlocked by using a number code.

Keep your computer well identified

It is a fantastic measure to take, especially important if your computer gets lost and you need to report to the police. Write down (obviously, somewhere different than on your laptop) enough data to make it easy to be identified: the brand, the model, the computer’s number, the serial number or any other data, and keep the invoice or any other document that could prove that you are the owner of your laptop.

Do not store the passwords in an accessible place

Some of us are a bit forgetful for passwords and need to write them somewhere. The truth is that this is discouraged… but to write them on the laptop itself or on the case you carry it, is like giving it away too easily to people with bad intentions, don’t you think so?
If you stick to this bad habit of writing your passwords in such obvious places, anybody could easily access the content of your laptop. No bueno.

Do not use your laptop to keep sensitive information

The kind of information we store on our computer is always a delicate matter, and if are talking about laptops the risks are multiplied.
Moreover, if it’s the case that you move your computer from one place to another, keep in mind that you be gambling with your data. Do you seriously not have any other place to keep this valuable information? Always think twice.

Use the usual security measures

Additionally, to these security ideas, more related with laptops, do not forget to follow the usual security good practices. Installing an anti-virus and firewall, lock it with passwords when you are not using it or you leave it out of sight, use trusted Internet connections, use safe passwords, keep the software updated, make backups, etc. They are basic measures that you should also take on your laptop and could save you from later regrets.

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