Modern professional, discover 9 tips on how to easily become one

Nowadays, the world is constantly changing. Our cities, our cars, our ways of communicating, and our jobs… everything around us is changing and evolving and we can’t stop it.
Just like some jobs have disappeared, new interesting ones have been created.
All these changes have shifted the old-fashioned way of developing a career. New skills and attitudes are needed to prosper in this amazing world. Do you have what it takes to become a modern professional? In this post we will have a look at some of the qualities to become a modern professional.

– Adaptability.

It is a basic quality. In a world that is constantly evolving and changing, you need to adapt to the modern world, otherwise you will be left behind.

A modern professional must know that life can change anytime. One day you might be working in Shanghai as an engineer, and a few weeks later you might be working as a salesman in Madrid. The greater the professional flexibility, the more doors you will find open with a freedom of choice. Bear in mind that the ability to adapt is influenced by many factors, but one that you should not forget is the ability to open your mind to change.

– Mobility.

The improvement of communications and transport has turned our world into something smaller (and at the same time, bigger). The Internet allows people from all over the world to contact each other instantly. Therefore, trade relationships are no longer limited to local deals, and now these relationships reach almost every country in the world.

If you are able to move around to those places required by your job, and if you use technological means to work, for example, teleworking (which means working from home), your work possibilities will multiply.

– Ability to work depending on projects.

The idea of ​​working all your life in the same office is now something from the past. Nowadays, companies demand, increasingly, more specific solutions, which often entail hiring professionals to carry out projects. We are not saying that you cannot opt ​​for a more traditional and stable way of working, but taking this option into account can broaden your possibilities.

– Aptitude for teamwork.

Just like work is becoming more complex and people have easier means to communicate, teamwork is becoming more necessary and viable. Also teamwork is quite trendy nowadays. Companies know the potential of teamwork and they encourage it. Are you capable of understanding other people and being part of a highly productive work group? Companies will take this into account when hiring new people.

– Good training.

The labour market is getting more and more complicated, so it requires more knowledge and more specialization, and therefore good complete, updated and frequent training which is essential. It is not only about frequent training but also about the thirst to learn and the attitude to learn from each one of our experiences. If you have those qualities, you will be valuable for companies.

– High productivity

The modern professional strives to have a high performance. In a highly competitive world, it will be difficult for you to survive if you don’t manage to have a high performance. To achieve this, in addition to having excellent training and using the right technology for your needs, keep in mind current factors, such as correct time management. In this blog we have already talked about some techniques to organise your time, such as the Pomodoro Technique or the GTD Technique.

– Be passionate about your work

Nowadays, being passionate about your work can be very useful in order to be a good professional. The labour market has become so competitive; so passion is an extra push that will allow you to stand out from the rest. In addition, your desire will not only be positive for companies, but will also show the best part of yourself; It will improve your everyday life and will increase your happiness. Do you need more reasons to dedicate yourself to something that you are passionate about?

– Digital presence

You can’t be offline in our interconnected world. You should know that there are tools for you to have a digital presence. Social networks, especially professional social networks are very powerful (have you ever heard about LinkedIn?). Being online on the Internet is very important but it is not mandatory, you can live without it, in fact there are people who hate the Internet and are successful. But be aware that being on the Internet will give you visibility and contacts. So be wise and choose properly.

– Use technology.

We live in a technological world. Even though there might be people who have mixed feelings towards technology (in most cases, these people feel lazy about it since they just need to learn how to use it – and as we mentioned previously, don’t feel like you have to use all this technology but, by not using it, you are limiting yourself.

It is very difficult to imagine a modern professional without technology, since these people use technology on a daily basis. Currently there are loads of devices; applications and software that can help us do our work in a more efficient way.

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