eHorus on-premise, for your organization, 100% managed by you, without any online component. Build your autonomous remote management system, with no growth limit.

Why on-premise?


Your servers, your networks, your users, your procedures. Take full control.


Single license for total devices. You decide how to implement it.


eHorus is designed to integrate into external provisioning processes and to be part of a third party management process. We have a complete documented Rest API that you can integrate yourself, without help.

Immediate implementation

You can try our SaaS version to learn about the features and deploy the software on-premise in minutes.

Customizable agents

Which can be modified to adapt them to your provisioning processes.

city background ehorus on-premise

Unlimited scalability

eHorus is designed to manage 50,000 computers per server; it has a zone-based architecture that enables high availability and a close-provisioning system to deliver the optimal latency times required by the remote desktop.

Current technology


eHorus is developed with current technologies such as node and javascript, and uses the classic low level paradigms for high performance operations (C++), through which we have created an agile, efficient and strong platform that will become a key piece in your internal management processes.

Integration with Pandora FMS

eHorus can run independently or as part of the Pandora FMS IT monitoring and management suite.

on premise integration with pandora fms

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