Phone battery; 12 real tips to make your phone battery last longer

Oh well…that phone battery, we look at it many times throughout the day and sometimes it gets quite annoying to see that after 3 hours away from home, our phone is almost dead. What a pain in the neck!

Having an endless phone battery is one of the dreams of any smart smartphone user, you know, imagine that you didn’t have to charge your phone 3 times a day, or even better, that your phone could charge itself. But while thousands of engineers are racking their brains to achieve such milestone, this is still a problem for millions of users. Lucky for you, to fight against this problem, we can take into account some ideas that can help us make our phone battery last a little longer. Do you want to have a look at them?

Optimize the use of the phone battery

Many phones include applications that use the phone battery properly, such as energy saving modes. Does your phone have this? Well if it doesn’t, then that is not an excuse. Nowadays. There are many applications that have been created specifically for this and can be downloaded for any operating system.

Do you really need the GPS all the time?

There are many occasions in which it can be very useful to have the GPS on (specially when using a navigation system). But when you do not need it you should keep in mind that it is something that consumes battery. Choose the right moment to have it on and you will witness how the use of the battery decreases.

What about the Wi-Fi?

What? Have you been working for 8 hours without Internet? Then why is the Wi-Fi connection enabled on your phone? Indeed, it also consumes battery. In most Smartphone models it is very easy to activate and deactivate the Wi-Fi connection, so make sure you use it when you actually need it therefore you will save phone battery.

Close those apps that you are not using

Maybe it’s something you have never thought about until now: even if these are in the background, those applications that you are not using, will continue to consume phone battery. The solution is crystal clear: close them and execute them when you actually need them.

Watch out for the screen

Yepp! The screen is essentially what consumes the most energy in our mobile phone. One great measure that you can take to use less of it is to reduce its brightness a bit, which is quite easy to configure in most mobile phones. Another one to keep in mind, unless it is essential, do not look at your screen 37 times per minute. Your phone battery will last longer and you will live a more peaceful life…

Don’t use animated wallpapers

Nowadays, these are not very common, but there are people who actually love them. They consume more phone battery than the normal wallpapers, so you know what you are exposed to if you have one of them on your phone. But wait, if you have animated wallpaper and you keep looking at the screen of your phone every 30 seconds, then you battery will not even last 2h

Take your phone for a cold ride

We don’t want you to throw ice cubes on top of them, but don’t make them suffer with too much heat. The excessive temperature can damage several of the components of a mobile phone, and one of them is the phone battery, which can suffer both a reduction in its duration and loss of useful life.

Don’t make it vibrate that much

Do you actually need to have the phone vibration mode on? If so, do not say anything, but if you really do not need it, remember that it is another of the features of a mobile phone that consumes a great deal of your phone battery, so if you do not want it at all and you only kept it on because it was the default mode on your phone, you now know what you need to do…

Watch out for automatic updates

Many applications have the automatic update options enabled, which will mean that, if your phone has many of these installed, it will spend a lot of time updating them. Do you want to keep your phone battery alive? Evaluate if you need all those applications, and explore the possibility of updating them manually when charging your phone at home.

Keep your phone locked as fast as possible

It is one of the great ways to get your screen off and therefore it will consume less. Are you no longer looking at anything on the screen? Set your phone so that the “screen lock time” is shorter – or even keep it to the minimum possible. Remember that every little thing counts when it comes to saving phone battery…

Activate only the notifications you actually need

Do you really need to be notified every time someone likes the video of the little dancing parrot, which you uploaded to Facebook a year ago? If you want to save phone battery, be mature and activate only the notifications that you really need to receive.

Take a look at those apps on your phone, which are consuming most of your phone battery

It is a feature that most mobile phones have. Checking which are the applications that consume most of your phone battery (something that is usually reflected in percentages) you can evaluate which are the ones that you actually need to have and which ones could be deactivated.

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