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Get to know what Procrastination is so that you can avoid it.

Do you know what procrastination is? If you have never procrastinated at all, you are not a human being. The term procrastination refers to the act of delaying things that we should carry out in the present.

Do you get what I mean? If you’ve ever replaced necessary hard work with something lighter, then you have procrastinated. If you have ever stopped studying to go to the fridge -and you have not come back to your desk -you have procrastinated. If you have ever thought that nothing was going to happen when you piled up the clothes on your desk chair on a daily basis until your whole wardrobe was on your chair -Indeed, you have procrastinated.

Procrastination is a tiny sin that nobody can avoid. This is due to insecurity, or even fear, but the most common one is … laziness. Does this sound familiar to you?

Do not worry, procrastinating from time to time does not mean that you are a bum; It’s mainly a waste of time. Since we do not want that for you, and you don’t want to spend all day doing nothing, right? Let’s go through some techniques to avoid procrastination.

– Plan.

Some people get distracted and if they do not organise the required tasks then they don’t perform well. Do you get stressed if you do not have a list of things you need to do with a deadline? A simple diary can work miracles. Do you have one? Come on, get one! They are not that expensive.

– Use the two-minute rule.

The two minute rule comes from GTD techniques and it means that if you are planning something that you could do in two minutes, stop planning it immediately and get on with it. This rule can be applied for longer periods of time (5 or 10 minutes). The important thing is that taking too much time planning something that could be done right away is a waste of time and an excuse to procrastinate.

– Use time management techniques.

In addition to GTD techniques, there are other time management methods that can help you avoid procrastination. Structuring your work time can help you stay focused, avoid distractions and set goals. For example, do you know the Pomodoro Technique?

– Routines are important.

Sometimes, you don’t need to put off the heaviest tasks, all you need to do is get used to doing them, as simple as that, Is your best time to work really early in the morning? Get the habit of doing the hardest tasks when you feel fresh, usually in the morning, this way you won’t think about how hard they are and your laziness will fade. It will be a lot easier to work, as your job will be less overwhelming.

– Reward yourself.

It’s not about rewarding yourself with a half-hour job with a luxury trip to the Caribbean. But if the work you have to do is hard, it will be great to reward yourself with something you feel like doing; you could go to the movies, eat some pizza, a weekend getaway, go to a theme park or even go to visit your mother in law… But, remember in order to reward yourself, first you need to do the job. If you do it the other way around, it does not work, believe me..

– Visualise yourself finishing that task.

Imagine yourself on top of a podium, receiving a laurel wreath from a beautiful young man or woman as the crowd applauds you. Okay, this is very unlikely to happen, but it’s okay to dream from time to time; maybe it’s easier for you to imagine the prize that you are going to give yourself. Anyway, whether you’re going to reward yourself or not, try to visualise what situation you’ll be in when you’ve finished your homework. In many cases, the best prize you can receive is to know that you have taken a weight off your shoulders once you have done it.

– Avoid those distractions.

That video of the guinea pig that is viral on YouTube is not going to do your job. No, that dancing parrot won’t do it either. Nor will those pictures of your aunty
parasailing in Maldives. Turn that thing off, you will have time to watch all that later.

– Make homework more fun.

Working does not always have to be boring. There are many ways to “use gamification” in your work in order to turn it into a game, or at least give it some game attributes to make it more entertaining. Set goals… there are many ways to do it, look for the one that works best for you.

– Exercise, eat healthy and rest well.

To avoid procrastination you will need energy. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, and remember to get a good night’s sleep. You will feel stronger and you will have more energy so that you can forget about those excuses and distractions and get to work. Also, it will always be good for your health.

– Look for your place.

Do you prefer working from home than working in the office? Or is it the other way around? Maybe the place for you to perform better is in the park, under a tree. Or maybe if you go to the park you won’t do any work due to the beautiful sound of the birds singing which will get you distracted. Some jobs do not allow you to choose the workplace, but others do. If your job allows you to choose the workplace, then watch where you feel more focused and where you procrastinate less, and act accordingly.

– Do not think, act.

Finally, the most important thing (you will see now why we have left it to the end). Do you have any work to do? Do not think about it any more. Stop reading this article and get to work. But, before you go, do not forget to add us to favourites!

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