Productivity at work: 7 factors to bear in mind to be more productive


Do you want to increase your productivity at work? Of course you want! Almost everybody wants to. What happens is that we often do not know how to do it.

Do you want to be more productive but you do not know exactly what productivity is? That is possible too! Sometimes we want to act in a certain way because we know that it will have positive effects, but we are not sure about the specifics of the pattern that we want to follow.

Do not stress about it! EHorus blog will be your Ernie, and you will be Bert… (this will only be understood by those who are old enough) and in this article we are going to learn what productivity is and some factors that affect your productivity at work.

What is productivity?


Being productive does not mean being a working robot. On the contrary, productivity is the relation between the production obtained by a production system (an individual and the available resources, in this case) and the resources employed to obtain this production.

This part, highlighted in bold, is more important than ever, because it is the part of the equation that many forget about. Being productive does not mean employing an endless number of hours to do your work, but doing it in such a way that you make full use of the time and the resources at your disposal. And that is the key point.

7 factors that affect your productivity at work


And now that we know that being productive does not imply burning a candle at both ends (since you will end up getting burned), let us see some factors that make productivity at work increase or decrease.

-Training and updating.

If you have not received the appropriate training and knowledge to do your job, you are not doing things right.

The lack of knowledge may be one of the greatest obstacles for someone to deal with when it comes to work. It might cause errors, waste of time, despair and a whole series of negative effects that will severely damage your productivity at work.

The antidote to this problem is easy: if you don’t have the knowledge you need, you will have to acquire it. Also, do not forget that you may have had certain knowledge in the past but it may have become outdated, so look out for new updates to what you already know.


Do you think that spending more time working will increase your productivity? Guess what, you are wrong. On the contrary, it has been proved that long working hours have a negative effect on your productivity at work.

And the fact is that, as it has already been mentioned, being productive does not mean being a robot and working overtime. That is what happens with human beings: eventually we get exhausted and start losing our skills.

In most employements, working overtime or lack of breaks could be two important factors that make productivity decrease. And they can even be the source of occupational risks. So, be careful with those!

On the other hand, a reasonable schedule (a flexible one would be even better) that includes breaks may bring an increase in productivity.


Eating roast veal is not the best way to start your work day. Nor going to work after a party night full of booze or having high fever.

Our health will be essential when it comes to being more productive. Healthy eating, resting and healthy habits will be the key points for your efficiency and well being. And, of course, any time you get ill, make sure you recover appropiately. Take good care of yourself.


We talked about it recently. Multitasking (meaning performing several tasks at the same time) affects work quality and this quality is also part of productivity.

On the other hand, working focusing on your current task will allow you to be more productive. Do you want to know how to get there? This article might help you.

-Working environment.

Do you spend half of the time dodging the stones your workmates throw at you or acting as a referee in the “haters club” that you have established next to the coffee maker? Do not be surprised of not being productive!

A bad working environment can result in stress and distractions, which will have a bad effect on productivity. And it is true, we already know that the “haters club” can be fun (especially if you are not their target) but peace is better than war!

-Work tools.

Are you a mechanic and you want to repair an engine with a toothpick and your skills as the only tools. Then you had better be MacGyver because otherwise you are in trouble…

All of us need the right tools to work productively. Otherwise it will be like digging a tunnel through a mountain with the help of a teaspoon: it is going to take way too long and you will end up making a mess of it.

– Working conditions.

As we have already said, we are not robots (even robots need good working conditions to work!).

If your workplace is cold, dark and humid, you had better be a vampire, because normal human beings cannot be productive under those conditions.

Now seriously, factors such as light, noise or temperature can be vital to be able to carry out your work properly. This is another factor that you should keep in mind.

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