Productivity in a company; Learn more about how to maintain it in summer

Summer is coming and working is not something we want to do. It is a fact. The sun shines in the sky, the terraces are full, the beer, the ice cream… the beach! The truth is that summer is a difficult time to focus on work and to forget about the pleasures of the summer season. In addition, it is usually a period of the year in which we have already spent many months without a good holiday, and fatigue can take over.

However, our obligations are still present, and just because the heat has arrived does not mean that we can stop our work or our business for months. As we wait for the holidays, we have to keep working, and the more productive we are, the better.

But of course, how can this be achieved? How can we forget about the dream of taking a bath in the sea or a walk in the mountains? Let’s look at some ideas to make your waiting easier and to keep on performing as usual.

– Maintain a suitable temperature and drink plenty of water

Do you see those hot flushed faces on your employees? it’ s not that your people have just come from running a marathon, it’ s just that in your office eggs could be cooked on desks.

There is an excellent temperature for almost everything, and work is no exception. High temperatures are one of the factors that most contribute to a decrease in productivity in a company. Do you find air conditioning too expensive? You’ll find it cheap compared to the loss of performance your team will experience if they get too hot. And don’t forget to drink water; dehydration happens without you noticing and will also affect your performance.

– Concentrate as much as you can.

There are so many exciting activities you can do in the summer…. and that’s why it’s the time when you’ll need more concentration so your mind doesn’t wander off in the cocktail and swimming pool fantasies.

Luckily, in summer, the sun usually shines brightly until late afternoon, so you’ll probably still have time to enjoy many activities after work. So learn to separate one from the other: now it’s time for work and then there will be time for leisure. In order to achieve this you can choose some good habits, such as setting goals or using time management techniques. Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique. It may be the perfect time for you to put it into practice!

– Try to eat light

Heavy meals are heavy at any time of the year, but in summer they may be bigger…. Products such as fruits and vegetables are beneficial at any time of the year, and they are more appealing in summer. It may be a good time to introduce them or to increase them in your diet….

– Encourage group activities

Have you been thinking about organizing a team-building activity for a while now? Summer is a great time to do that! From a few beers on a terrace to more organized activities, such as a short break in the countryside, you will surely find the perfect moment to help your team get to know each other better.

– Make the work more dynamic.

In summer the routine is heavier than at any other time of the year. Why don’t you think about giving your team a little push? In addition to strengthening the group, the summer season is the best time to introduce different work activities that break the routine.

Have you ever heard of “work gamification”? It’s about introducing game features into the work environment, which can be a great way to include new things to stimulate the time of year when their heads are often somewhere else. Does all this sound good to you and do you want to find out more? Congratulations, we have already written an article about gamification at work in our Integria IMS blog (which is also worth visiting…).

– Make room for new projects

Perhaps there are members of your team who have been thinking about a project for the company or a new idea for months. Or maybe you’re the one who wants to do something different yourself. Maybe this is the right time to give yourself a chance.

During the summer, the volume of work decreases in some companies, so it may be the perfect time to undertake small projects or work on some ideas. Encourage this type of activity; it will be a good way to make the most of your time and make room for personal challenges.

– Make work more flexible

Flexible working hours are positive at any time of the year (depending on the nature of the job), but in summer it makes more sense than ever. By providing it, it will improve family work-life balance, which is even more necessary at this time of year, as well as improving access to leisure activities. Oh, and in the context of flexibility, don’t forget about teleworking. It will make things easier for your people and it will be a highly valued option.

– Evaluate the year

Summer is a “cut-off” time for many businesses, and the ideal time to review the situation. So, what’s been going on over the last few months? What changes could we make to improve the company after the holidays? In the days before a large part of the team goes on holiday, it may be ideal to distribute surveys to your staff, to ask their opinion and to listen to their ideas to come back stronger than ever in September.

These are some ideas to keep your business productive in the middle of summer and to make those hot days easier. You’ll soon be able to enjoy your well-deserved vacation, so build up your strength and push your business a little further.

But first check out eHorus!

…And don’t forget to leave a comment at the bottom of the article, we will read all of them, so ask us anything you want… How would you improve productivity in a company in summer?

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