The best Remote Desktop Tools you totally need to know about

Do you recognize any of these remote desktop tools? Well, you should!

Envision that wonderful, complicated world of computing. It’s too fast, isn’t it? However, there are a couple of things that should at least be in your mind, there will always be a more expensive Iphone, and remote desktop tools exist and they’ re an essential tool.

As you already know, thanks to the remote desktop tools, we can keep any kind of file and tool of the system close to us and have it perfectly at our disposal.

Nowadays, remote desktop tools, and all those possibilities that go with them, maintain a great popularity thanks, especially, to their usefulness in the professional sector. There are many employees in the world of information technology, from developers to system managers, who use them primarily when tackling their work together.

Not being able to be in a thousand places at the same time is a human dysfunctionality that is characteristic and that I don’t like too much, but thanks to remote desktop tools we can be closer to a more omnipresent and well-done job.

Now let’s take a look at all those desktop tools that have become the best on the market. So this little help comes here in case you are still part of that small minority who doesn’t know them. Enjoy!


Perhaps the most popular of them all is TeamViewer. It is perfectly normal since it is compatible with Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, in addition to being free, which is something that we love.

With TeamViewer we will be able to experience firsthand what a remote support is and how a remote administration works. We can also enjoy other features, such as Wake-on-LAN, which will allow us to turn on and off the computer when the session ends. We can also transmit files, share the clipboard, with a complete connection to all kinds of smartphones, tablets and other technological devices.

If what comes to your mind when talking about remote desktop tools is the possibility of creating great online meetings with your co-workers, then you do not have to worry, TeamViewer includes this. A group of workers can connect to a host or participate from the same session.

The greatest thing we can say about TeamViewer is that all the utilities we have mentioned are for free. Besides, you won’t have to worry about installing it because it’s quite simple. It incorporates, in turn, many other features that may be good when the time comes, such as the ability to control several systems from a single pc without having to remember them later.

Real VNC

Real VNC is also perfect for those who don’t want to spend money. A free option that allows you to control your computer remotely.

The application is based on a free code, so we will find a very secure connection. You already know that security is one of the most popular features for all those who want to use connections and transfer information in this way. There’s nothing like feeling safe when doing a remote configuration.

The application will enable you to connect several computers to one, and the other way around, thanks to an IP address. This will provide you with free and secure remote control from other platforms with VNC authentication, the ability to enter a chat room, exchange files, and much more.

Yes, LogMeIn did it again when developing this application. will provide us with a great remote desktop control, of unquestionable quality and focused especially on work meetings.

It is known for its clear and pragmatic interface that allows anyone to understand it easily. In addition it conveys the capabilities of the tool and all its possibilities.

The application makes it possible to connect a large number of participants in a single session. Up to about 250. That’s a lot of people, if you consider it carefully.

One of its most praised facets by the business world is the simplicity involved in sharing our home screen instantly. It makes group work and its accessibility to record sessions and to adapt to mobile devices easier.

Chrome Remote Desktop

With such a flood of possibilities Chrome had something to say. It is compatible with Windows, OS X, and Linux, it is free of charge and can be used both commercially and personally. Chrome Remote Desktop is nothing more and nothing less than a Chrome application that can be installed in the browser of any computer.

It is configured in a very easy and fast way. And although it doesn’t have certain tools, like other remote desktop tools, if what you need is quick access from any platform, this is your application.

Chrome Remote Desktop is far from being a perfect application. It doesn’t do well with multiple screens and is somewhat monotonous when it comes to transferring files, but you’ll certainly be rewarded for its simplicity when it comes to using it.


Ehorus is a remote computer management system (remote desktop software) developed by Ártica Soluciones Tecnológicas, the creator of Pandora FMS, one of the most powerful monitoring software on the market.

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