Remote Desktop

eHorus is a remote desktop software which allows you access computers remotely, managing your applications as if you were in front of them. All you need is a computer with internet access and a web browser.

Totally free up to 10 computers per user. Try it and decide!

eHorus Remote Desktop advantages

An easy-to-use, cost-effective cloud solution: you pay for what you use, with no long-term commitments.

Licensed per device, not per simultaneous sessions. Perfect for a large team of people who need to access their devices at the same time.

Easy and useful: you will be able to access the desktop, copy files in both directions, with no issues.

Works with a web browser without additional configurations.

Advanced features at your service

Safe and private

You can enable an option to alert you if someone tries to connect to your device, or set a local password for triple security.

Safe access
Connections management

Remote Access

Connect to the desktop as if it were in front of you. Deploy your own servers close to your computers for minimal latency times.

View documents
Download and copy files

Full usage audit

Do you know everything that users do on computers? Now you will be able to find it out, from executed commands to copied files.

Start processes and services

Inspect the CPU and RAM

Security and privacy

Others promise, we explain how eHorus is impregnable

Local non-centralized passwords

High geographic availability with automatic balancing.

System access policies with double authentication.

Interactive system to request access to the local operator in case of remote connection.

eHorus is available for 100% on-premise installations, without any external connectivity.

Agents do not listen on any port, they are not accessible on the local network or from the outside.

Free SaaS version

Up to 10 devices. Use it forever, with no hidden costs or promo messages. Available for use with Pandora FMS Community version. Just register in eHorus, download the application and install it in the computers you want to control remotely.

On-premise version

Install eHorus servers in your own infrastructure, manage all devices with no data leaving your network and create different access and control profiles. The license is based on the total of devices to manage with huge discounts for Pandora FMS Enterprise customers.