Remote work productivity; the perfect formula for high performance

From here, in the spirit of technology, we have decided to make you happy in one of the areas that ordinary people usually have the hardest time with: work. That is why we are going to focus on remote work productivity. As you know, now, in the future, teleworking is a new professional method of working that allows you to act and perform your job tasks from your very home. Yes, of course, this means that instead of choosing the right tie to match your skin color, you will have the option of keeping your pajamas and slippers on. But also the option to work harder than ever in your place of work. Take advantage of your new environment, “home”, to show that from home you can work more and better than in the office. That’s right, the magic formula of remote work productivity.

The Teleworker

The driver of remote work productivity will be “The Teleworker”. The performance of the campaign, the success or failure, the looks of the company will fall on his or her silver shoulder pads. However, we should not forget that the company also has some responsibility when it comes to adapting the employee’s profile to this task.

It is very important, on the side of the company, to accommodate the profile of the staff selected for teleworking. It will be the Human Resources Department, among others, which will have to deploy all its will and expertise to find the best qualified, proactive and, of course, motivated individuals. They will be the most suitable candidates for teleworking.

Correct training will also be a requirement. The teleworker should not be left alone. The organization must always stay behind, support all of its activities and provide him or her with the training, information, tools and, ultimately, everything necessary to ensure that the employee can achieve the highest levels of performance on his or her own. With the support and advice of the company, the employee should not take long to acquire an in-depth knowledge of all his or her work, programmes and instruments.

The Environment

Remote work productivity comes together in the teleworker environment. By this I mean that the whole environment of the teleworker’s workplace influences his or her performance and productivity. Think of the thermal conditions. Now you can regulate the air heater that is focused on your feet yourself, avoiding the fear of your coworker who complains that it is too hot or that the air is not flowing. As well as noise levels. You can even choose to go to the park with the birds and the smell of damp grass to freshen up your nostrils if you have the problem of your neighbour being in the middle of construction work. As long as your battery lasts long enough or you can connect the device to the nearest cypress tree, anything goes. Then there’s the lighting. If you think your office is as bright as the Primor’s box line, you may want to pull out the blinds and work in the darkness of your own room. It won’t be a problem. The important thing is to be able to control your space and be perfectly comfortable in it when carrying out the tasks from your own home, or from anywhere else, so that you can do your best. If, previously, the company gives you a lesson in ergonomics and productivity, then that’s great! I’m sure they will take an in-depth look at the most applicable aspects of the job.

Factors to be considered

Similar to the employee who comes to the office, the teleworker needs to take into account certain factors that help to improve well-being and increase productivity. We cannot ignore the design of your workspace. When a suitable teleworker is available, he or she should not be placed in a position that would depart from his or her area of expertise or interests. Nothing under the level he or she has achieved, or above that level either. The division of tasks must not be neglected. It must remain equitable. This will avoid overloading teleworkers and also prevent some colleagues from becoming more lazy than others. The design of the teleworker’s workstation has to be harmonious. You don’t have to consider the job or the new way of working as an occasional event, but you have to respect it and take part in it as the brilliant idea that this is: working from home!

To achieve greater productivity, each employee must know at all times what is expected from him/her. From the outset, specific goals will be set that will help the individual to increase his or her levels of performance and productivity. Well-founded goals are proposed as a way of directing effort and concentration. On the other hand, if these are missing, the teleworker may become disorganized and underperform. The distractions could begin.

There must be, at all times, monitoring or measurement of achievements. The teleworker will consider it important to know his or her status, “where he or she is going”, regarding the stipulated goals. Similarly, the company will also be able to track or monitor the progression of each teleworker and each of his or her results. This will be done in order to have an idea of whether the goals set are being achieved and the pace at which these goals are being achieved.

It is necessary to say, that the image that the teleworkers employees have of the company and their follow-up and operation remotely will make them face, in one way or another, the tasks they have in their hands every day. The teleworker must feel that he or she can count on his/her company, that he/she is not alone, that even though the location is different, it is part of a team. A team that values him/her and believes that he/she is essential for his/her brand and for his/her goal.

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