Cloud based services: find out how you can take advantage of them

Cloud based services: What is The Cloud? Discover some of the advantages and disadvantages

Of course, if we say “The Cloud” in this way, out of context, you might think of many and charming clouds, specially the ones that are up in the sky! But perhaps the one we’re talking about today might be much more interesting to you. Without ignoring the previous ones, of course.

Today we will talk about cloud based services; this is the most abstract and ethereal cloud you can imagine. Well, what is The Cloud? The Cloud is a new model of use in computer systems, and is in charge of the massive processing and storage of data on servers that store user information. This means, sort of, that one of the services in the cloud is to save, sometimes for free, sometimes with payment, both your files and your information on the Internet. This means, it transfers part of your files and programs to a set of servers that you can access through the Internet. Basically and without any problems, you will have the option of storing your things in these servers as if they were a locker, a trunk, or your wardrobe. The Cloud will allow you to open them, use them or even use programs that are not on your computer, but on these servers. Therefore, all the stuff you would normally save on your PC, from programs to files, would be on these servers, which is called the Cloud.

This system, which compiles and stores so much information, was called “Cloud Computing”. Later it was simply shortened to “The Cloud”.

The reason why The Cloud was created, the original idea behind it, was to give you instant access to your information and programs wherever you are at any time and from any device (smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, laptops, etc.) . The leitmotif of cloud services.

The incredible thing about such an indispensable system nowadays is La Nube is the fact that it was not created for great technologists, but for common users who want to have a large capacity of data to store and access them easily and quickly . Thanks to this , many of the services in the cloud are so easy to use.

The amazing thing about such an essential system today is the fact that it was not created for great technicians, but for common users who want to have a great capacity of stored data and to be able to access them quickly and easily. Thanks to this, many of the cloud based services are so easy to use.

In fact, you might be already using The Cloud even if you haven’t noticed. Do you have Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.? Yeah, I know you do. In all these cases, and many others, your messages, photos, videos, etc. are stored on the servers of these social networks or companies. Don’t be scared, now that you know, life will continue on its course. You will log in and you will be able to identify yourself with your username and password, but now you know that none of your data or the applications you use to access them on the network are on your computer. It all goes to the all-knowing, omniscient Cloud. Everything is stored in it. “What happens in the cloud stays in the cloud.”


1. Complete accessibility

Cloud based services allow you to access from anywhere and with a variety of devices. Unless you have access to the Internet so that you can use them, your programs and files will be there, dozing off until you “wake” them up remotely. As we said earlier, you can reach The Cloud from almost anywhere with a screen and Wi-Fi: desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, iPad….

2. The software is located elsewhere

Think of the amount of space you will save by not having to install all the programs you use on your own PC. In fact! trying to update all of these programs is already a nightmare… You’d better take care of the whole Cloud provider, right? So you can have more time for your stuff. If you think about it, all you need to do now is to install your Internet Explorer in order to access The Cloud.

3. Less technical maintenance

Without all the software installed and the number of complex networks to set up and run, you should be happy, and above all, your PC should also be happy, because computer problems are going down dramatically. The provider takes care of the technical maintenance of your servers, and you will not need to create networks to communicate since you can share your resources through The Cloud.

Thanks to the fact that all the programs you use run and operate externally from your computer, and since everything is also saved externally, you don’t need a very powerful computer with a large hard drive. Even further savings.

4. Safety and security

This is a rather ambivalent point, but, in theory, Microsoft’s servers, should be more secure than your PC.


1. Privacy

Well, the disadvantages of cloud based services can be measured between the different lines of its advantages, as we have said, your files will be moved from your own computer and will be stored away from it. This means that you will not have direct control over them. So you will not know who has access to your information.

This is not only a risk for users who do not want their intimate bachelor party photos to be seen, but also an even greater risk for companies that leave confidential information in the hands of a third party.

2. No Internet, no party

Yes, I’m afraid it all depends on whether your Internet connection works; otherwise, there’s no way to access The Cloud, your programs or your data.

3. Legal coverage

You must always keep in mind that the servers that supply the Cloud can be located anywhere in the world. When problems arise, it is difficult to know which laws can or should be applied, or whether they can protect the user.

If the idea of security on your computer is a topic that gets on your nerves and we’ve only managed to remind you of it, why don’t you take a look at some security ideas for laptops? And if you want to go one step further and take care of the problems that haunt you, read 6 common computer maintenance problems.

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