Succeed with revolutionary technology. These geniuses went ahead!


I know, you’ve taken a look at your wallet and thought of all those technology tycoons who have revolutionized this world and who now swim in paste in jacuzzis from imperial suites overseas.

You still have your wallet in your hand, when you ask yourself “is a genius born or made?” Every advance of humanity is carried out thanks to the greatest ideas of geniuses who have used their time to look beyond. You want to become one of them. You want to triumph with revolutionary technology and experience the world celebrating your existence. The advertisers will fight over you to announce watches and little children will smile at you when crossing you on the streets. Gentlemen of all kinds will take off their hats and your father will call you more often because of the impulse produced by pride and satisfaction.

The thing is… have you done your part to succeed with revolutionary technology? I don’t know, have you learned the basics of hardware with some book for dummies? Do you know and use at least the different operating systems and best known softwares? Do you recognize programming languages such as Java, SQL, Ruby on Rails or PHP? They are small steps that must be taken, in my opinion, to reach the high steps, where technological glory and fame are found.

Now we are going to review some of the celebrities from recent history that were ahead of you and did succeed with revolutionary technology. Yes, those who in recent decades, still young and with few resources have become multi-millionaires thanks to their innovations in the world of technology. Many of them will ring a bell, of course, they are already very representative.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was first and foremost a great businessman, and of course a magnate when it came to business in the world of information technology. He co-founded and served as CEO of the renowned company Apple Inc. (and although few know it, he was also the largest single shareholder in The Walt Disney Company. A total visionary!)

Wherever you look, this great founding father (of modern technology) was given up for adoption to a middle-class family that struggled to give him everything he needed to keep him going. Moved, Steve left the university so that his parents would not have to go bankrupt paying for it; that’s how, together with his partner Steven Wozniak, the adventures of their new company began.

As you know, the whole ordeal was a success, and time after the creation of Apple, Steve became the image of all innovation (in addition to becoming part of that select club that we all want to enter: The Megamillionaires of the United States of America).

Chosen quote:

“Your time is limited, so do not waste it living the life of someone else. Don’t get caught up in the dogma, which is to live as others think you should live. Don’t let the noises of other people’s opinions silence your own inner voice. And, most importantly, have the courage to do what your heart and intuition tell you.”

Mark Zuckerberg

Mr. Facebook himself; of course, he has to go through all the complaints about why you don’t get Likes in your clever everyday post on your profile. As you know, Zuck is a great businessman from the United States and, of course, a more than worthy programmer. He is the founder of Facebook, and to create this king of social networks he had the help of his Harvard mates: Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes.

Today, in 2018 we are, he is the youngest person on all multimillionaire lists, with a wallet that won’t close, because 73.2 billion dollars take up too much space. The fifth richest person in the world, son of a middle-class dentist, ladies and gentlemen.

Chosen quote:

“I want to talk to you about three ways to create a world where everyone has a motivation: taking on big relevant projects together, redefining equal opportunities to have the freedom to choose our motivation and creating a global community.

Jan Koum

From being part of a group of hackers called W00w00 to entering the Forbes list of the richest Yankees in 62nd place. So, the co-founder of WhatsApp, apart from being the person responsible of all those unanswered group messages, is a living example of the poor man who thrives in American lands (the personification of the so called “American dream”). As a child, he lived in a small town near Kiev (Ukraine), tucked away with his family in a house without electricity or hot water… and well, now, you know, he could ride in cars so expensive they could have electricity and hydromassage showers inside of them.

Chosen quote:

“In some countries, WhatsApp is like oxygen”.

Biz Stone

Never get a retweet? Here you have the culprit, Mr. Twitter, Biz Stone, the very co-founder of Twitter, Inc (but not only that, it also helped with platforms such as Xanga, Odeo, Obvia and Medium …)

He grew up observing dishes from the menu that he couldn’t afford and getting his hair cut by his mother to save money. But, just like an ugly duckling (we don’t know if that’s the real bird that inspired the Twitter logo) he became one of the creators of the social network with the biggest quantity of insiders, triggered people and influential journalists that ever existed.  

Chosen quote:

“We realized that if you think of a flock of birds moving around an object in flight, they look so choreographed, their mechanics are very simple, they are just individuals who communicate in real time with others.”


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