Support community: using eHorus for free and having problems?

When we buy a product, regardless of whether it is a pair of shoes or a mobile phone, we are confident that if there is a problem we will be able to count on a customer service team. Likewise, if we have contracted an internet service as a hosting service or remote control systems of equipment, we also hope that there is a way to communicate with the technical support team.

When buy a product, we expect this and more, but what happens when it comes to a free software? Usually, the technical support and customer service has a lot to improve.

When a problem arises, the most common thing is to go to google and start visiting thousands of pages, trying to discover how other people who have had a similar incidences have fixed the problem. It is possible that someone in the network has had the same problem as you, but in many cases you will find solutions that don’t fit your needs, or you discover that this is a bug that can’t be solved without a development team. With eHorus, this isn’t going to happen to you.

Whenever you use the free version of something, you tend to think that the support is going to be a disaster, that you are going to be ignored and you feel alone and powerless in front of the tool. If you are reading this article, it is possibly because you are a new eHorus user, you are beginning to use it and you have some doubts. So we are going to give you a quick and effective solution to solve your problems.

In the case that you are using the free version of eHorus, in which you don’t pay nor a euro and you can use up to 10 devices, you aren’t alone. We won’t forget you, on the contrary, eHorus has a free support community that works through support forums, from where qualified personnel of the support team will be in charge of solving every doubt you have. Surely, it isn’t the first time you see something like this and you will be accustomed to having your questions forgotten,but here it won’t be like that. Our support team accesses the forum every day and answers all questions with all their attention and care. In addition to being a support forum, people with the same problem will also be able to leave comments there and help us all by forming a large support community to generate solutions.

In online customer service, there are several problems that repeat constantly and they all are related to the workers’ apathy.

  • A very common problem when writing to a support forum is that when you need help, you get it answered by robot-people, with almost automatic messages.
  • The evasive answers are also typical of customer service; you start explaining your problem again and again to different people, on different platforms, which will redirect you to other places and in the end you just go crazy.
  • Lastly, you may have seen a lot of coldness and unwillingness to answer the messages. A “good day” or a “thank you” is necessary (or at least, considerate), and a worker should never get defensive when someone makes a bad review, no matter how vicious it can be.

EHorus support forums try to avoid these customer service failures. In our forum always and only real and qualified people answer, we don’t offer “canned” scripted answers and we don’t want anyone to feel ignored or abandoned.

At this moment our forums are organized in three different topics: announcements, general support in English and general support in Spanish. In them, you can read previously published messages with the questions and topics suggested by other users. eHorus was born relatively recently, so there are still few questions, but it has a Search system, which will make it much easier to find the topics you want to look up. For example, if you had a problem to access eHorus with your user, you can type “user” in the Search box at the top right of the page, see all related messages and solve your problem.

Support community

In case you want to do a more specific search just click on Search and there, you will be able to fine-tune the search engine.

Support community

As you can see, these screenshots are in already in English, but in case you prefer to change the language to Spanish, you can scroll down and change the language by clicking on the bottom right, so you will understand the search fields without any problem.

Support community

If you come from Pandora FMS or Integria IMS, you know how search engines work as well as the support platform. But for the people who have just arrived, we assure you that the answers are provided by qualified support personnel, in addition to the community that uses the support forums. From here, we check the forums every day, so we will answer your questions and requests as soon as possible.
So, if you have come here and you have any doubts or problems, go to the eHorus support forum and solve your questions as soon as possible! We are ready and willing to help you.

And remember that many times the incidents, bugs or questions that you have may have already been solved in our own knowledge base. As weeks go by, there will be more questions posted and more articles on the eHorus blog, where we will introduce new features and updates. It is possible that we have written some article in the blog that can be of some help to you and there, you will be able to know all the utilities that eHorus can provide. In a few days, we will begin uploading eHorus videos and tutorials, to make it even easier to use.

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