telecommuting benefits: 5 reasons to totally embrace it

If you have experienced any discomfort in the office, if you have yawned in the office because your beloved baby keeps you awake for hours, if you have shivered from the chill of the coming cold…. If you have suffered any of these incidents, which are quite familiar to you, you will also know that these could have been reduced by staying at home teleworking.

So this is the article you have been waiting for. At last one article that dares to take advantage of the telecommuting benefits. This is a list of well-studied reasons that will put your superiors in check so you can finally stay at home and do your thing, all with the same effort, but more relaxed.

From now on, imagine yourself wearing the most comfortable pajama pants and the most outdated T-shirt with a coffee on your little table. No one can come around your corner to look down on you. You’re working the hardest, but… better.

As you probably know, teleworking is a new professional working method that allows you to work and carry out your work from your own home. Thanks to the technological and computer possibilities you will always have the necessary resources to carry out this task. Also, with a direct communication with your company through the Internet, either by mail, chat, etc., or by phone. Whether you’re thinking of implementing this working method in your company, or looking for evidence to tell your boss about it in order to stay at home, we are going to provide you with a number of telecommuting benefits.

These are our 5 benefits of teleworking

1. A balance between personal and working life

It’s not just about staying home, it’s about the possibility of being away from the office. At last, this means moving in the geographical space as you desire, and whether you had a planned trip to the Pyrenees with your faithful friend from Andorra, whom you haven’t seen for a long time, or whether you have to stay to look after your dog because he has had a stomach ache with the last shrimp of your cocktail, now you will have complete control to do this. In addition to having the freedom to have greater family interaction and a greater personal contact with your intimate self, since no one watches over you in a way as incisive as in the office. You will, of course, exercise your new rights in a responsible manner. Even if you’re in a bathrobe with your furry dog on your knees, you will have to work.

2. Less stress

If opening your eyes to get into the beloved daily loop of “getting up reluctantly, dressing unwillingly, eating breakfast quickly, taking a tight subway ride for an hour, and reaching your usual cold cubicle” made you feel the greatest anxieties, then it’ s no longer a problem. Breaking this cycle of disgrace is one of the best telecommuting benefits. You will enjoy a safe environment and the emotional well-being that comes with teleworking.

3. Flexible schedules

If the most important thing is the work carried out at the end of the day, why do we limit ourselves to a tiring timetable restriction? Take it easy, swallow that croissant properly and don’t worry about the time it takes to tighten the tie knot, today you start at your own time.

You will be able to see your personal needs: you can pick up your little one from school after checking the company’s emails or you can solve any unexpected problems that may arise at the last minute without having to clock out.

4. Cost reduction

This is an important part of the telecommuting benefits. Imagine that the fateful moment has arrived: you have reached the age of majority to be considered young by the subway voucher. You will have to pay more than 50 euros a month to get to a place that you are often not 100% sure if you want to go. If you go by car, then the same thing applies, a crucial saving of petrol and wheels. In addition to the savings on anti-inflammatories to soothe the throat, which is worn out from the screaming in traffic jams on your way to work.

Of course, we could also add the money from the coffee machines, which, little by little empty your pocket, the lunch away with your marketing department, or the snacks for lunch or tea.

Food and transportation aren’t the only expenses that come with going to the office; I’m sure that if you think about it, you could save on more things by staying at home.

5. Greater productivity

Yes, higher productivity is a key part of the telecommuting benefits, and, of course, it’s the one that will be of most interest to the bosses. This is due, to a greater extent, to being able to manage time more efficiently while avoiding dependence on negative external factors. By this we mean the aforementioned traffic jams on the way from and to the office, public transport timetables and their late arrival, or unplanned accidents. From a road collision to a hurricane in the city centre.
This time and freedom management will have a very positive impact on productivity, especially in the early hours of the morning.

BONUS: Some benefits of teleworking for the company

1. Lower costs for the company

No infrastructure costs! Out with the colour range chosen to represent the company! Come on, save space and money!

2. The possibility of finding better candidates

Recruitment processes will finally allow you to connect with a larger number of candidates, as you will not need to limit yourself to a specific or nearby geography. The distance is not a problem, you can choose between candidates from any place.

3. It reduces absenteeism

The timetable benefits are key here. Employees will manage their work schedule for a work-life balance. And most importantly, they will not be lazy enough to stay at home. They will already be there! And even if, of course, they have to get to work, it will always be a minor problem.

Today we have only looked at the telecommuting benefits, but if you want to go a step further and take a look at some of the drawbacks that may arise, you may be interested in Advantages and disadvantages of teleworking. If teleworking is too small for you as a business methodology, you may want to try other possibilities: 5 income models for companies.

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