The future of Internet: The world of tomorrow is on its way

Don’t you get the feeling that sometimes you already live in the future? Well, there are no flying cars blocking the floating streets of a big city…. And it’s not like we’ve made much progress with teleportation or intergalactic ships with navigation systems capable of navigating through space at the speed of light… But yes, we have many other advances that drive us crazy. We control devices with the mind, cars start to drive themselves, biotechnology tunes up your body, and there is even simultaneous language translation so that you can avoid failing Spanish over and over again.

But, without a doubt, one of the greatest advances of our time is the fact that we can enjoy the Internet in a way that was impossible to imagine a few years ago. A direct door to knowledge that solves conversations and communicates distant lives. A world that interacts with us, awakening the best and sometimes the worst of ourselves. Just watch the scandals on Twitter. It is now practically an extension of our being and it is increasingly difficult to remember those days when these possibilities did not exist. Just take a look at the excitement that arises among teenagers and children when the power goes out and they see themselves with nothing to do.

If we find it difficult to look back at the Internet’s past because of the speed of its continuous evolution, ask yourself, for a second, what it is like to look forward. Yeah, think about the future of internet. If you were born in the eighties you can imagine it with more lights and air chambers, but the thing goes further. We’re so used to these leaps that we can’t even talk about science fiction…

What about the future of internet?

When we talk about the “future” of technology, we have an enormous responsibility, especially when predicting the future of internet. This is mainly due to the fact that this sector is constantly changing and at a high speed. However, there are people, reckless experts, who dare to make predictions.

1) Faster Internet (if possible)

If you thought your 100Mb 4G or your own 300Mb home connection was the best, 5G will multiply the speed of the current generation by 10. That is perhaps up to 1 Gb per second.

That makes Sonic, the hedgehog on Sega Mega Drive, a snail when it comes to speed, with paradigms such as reaching higher speeds on a mobile device than through today’s fiber optics.

2) Your voice is the main character

Your voice will be the center of this little world, so I hope you practice in the shower. Actually, it won’t be necessary to sing, but it will be necessary to use our tuned vocal cords to interact and communicate with the devices.

You already know many of these figures: Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant…. This type of personal assistant will be gaining space and followers thanks to the improvement of their characteristics and possibilities. All the evidence suggests that they will be even smarter, closer, with more feedback and simpler.

The use of the voice is likely to spread evenly and constantly in the devices. The reckless boy who was crossing the street engaged in typing his search will be very outdated. You don’t have to look away from the crosswalk or traffic light to send your messages. You will launch a voice command and will start dictating to a digital server that you will have grown fond of and that will recognize your tone perfectly.

Let alone home automation, which will take on weight and occupy our home with a candid attitude, far from that of HAL 9000, to make our life at home easier.

3) On-Demand

“On demand.” Yes, we will no longer have content channels with scheduling to meet a demand-based model. We will be able to watch anything we want at the time.

No television or radio broadcasts with scheduled events. We are moving towards specializing even more in on-demand content. And these will be designed for mobile platforms.

More and more specific channels that will look for ways to effectively reach your device. News with a cost that will depend on the need or your individual interest to read them. Mobile payments will be the chosen way to pay for products and will make banks tremble, as credit cards will start to feel obsolete.

4) The Internet of Things

Imagine a world where the Internet is not just accessible from our mobile devices or computers. Open yourself up to a totally interconnected world, where almost everything that surrounds us is connected to the Internet. We do not mean trees or bird’s nests, but we do mean cars, washing machines, coffee makers, bicycles, transport vouchers…

I am not exaggerating, connectivity will be so closely linked to the use of portable technology that it will soon become very common. Like clothes. Your favorite sweater will probably be smart and linked to data production and storage, thanks to integrated devices. Constant data collection in your daily activities will be common and usual, and your trainers will be able to recommend the sport you need based on your footsteps and your toilet seat will be able to tell you if you need to see a doctor.

5) Greater globalization

Although it seems that the Internet has reached everywhere, there is still a long way to go. From remote villages in Italy to places around the globe that haven’t yet been discovered.

In the years to come there will be a much greater inclusion of this world that dwells in the shadows. It will surely be achieved thanks to the efforts of companies that are looking for a connection between the places that do not yet have the resources to afford an infrastructure. New satellite, drone, and balloon technologies, along with other means, will enable this increased connectivity with remote parts of the world.

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