Upgrade your business; 10 tips to stay up to date

Do you still use carrier pigeons to communicate with your company? Do you accumulate thousands of papyrus in your files? Are the Phoenician traders still your main reference?

Upgrading a business offers multiple benefits, including a fresher and more active image for customers and certain improvements in performance and productivity.

Do you want to be left behind? Upgrade your business. It will stimulate your team members and will keep your mind alert and open to new ideas. And it doesn’t have to be very difficult. Here are some ideas.

– It will open new ways of communication

Blogs, social networks, apps…. Nowadays, companies use new channels of communication with their customers, which facilitate contact in both directions and offer multiple advantages, such as being more accessible and better understanding their tastes and needs.

Do you think this is the perfect excuse to put your brother-in-law Paco, in your company? Think twice: the people in charge of customer service in social networks must be professionals and have a good knowledge of the environment in which they operate, so leaving this part of your company in the hands of Paco may not be the best idea…

– And also new sales channels

There are companies that sell on the Internet. That’s crazy.

And, very often, the new communication channels that you open can also be used to get new customers. And there will even be specific ways to achieve sales, such as the already traditional online stores.

Some companies have been so successful with online sales that this part of their business has become their main source of income. Why shouldn’t it happen to you too?

– Renew your product range

You don’t need to get rid of your old products, especially if they continue to bring you sales, but adding a new look or introducing new products to your catalogue will open up new markets and let your customers know that you are constantly working to offer them new alternatives.

– Hiring young people

It’s not a matter of getting rid of veteran members of your team, who will certainly bring a lot of value to your company, but it’s a matter of getting more young people on your team.

People from different generations often have different ways of thinking, and making them work together can be very enriching and offer interesting contrasts and new ideas for your business. Just try it and see….

– Offer training for your team

It’s a way to upgrade your business without introducing new people. Good training, in line with the current times (for example, about the use of new technologies), can provide valuable knowledge to the members of your team and, therefore, enrich and update your business.

– Renew your establishments

Haven’t you seen that famous TV show in which they renovate the decoration of restaurants – and sometimes even the name of the establishment – until they make it look like another one?

Your business may not need such a drastic change, but a few well-chosen modifications can give you a great sense of change.

– Update your company’s image

Well, almost all big companies do it on a more or less regular basis for a reason, don’t you think?

From logo to advertising slogans, there are many ways to renew the image of a business. Doing so will help reshape the way your customers see you and will sometimes be attractive and stimulating even for your own team.

– Look for new ideas

It’s one of the best ways to upgrade a business. The markets are constantly on the move, and so are the companies – are you having trouble making changes that are beneficial to your business? Get in touch with people in your sector and renew your way of thinking.

It is one of the powers of dialogue. If you are open-minded, a simple conversation with a person who is as engaged as you are can result in an exchange of ideas that will ultimately transform your business. In addition, many events are held today to raise awareness and establish contacts. And even the bad news is that you don’t even have to travel; social networks, and especially professional social networks, can provide you with valuable contacts.

– Use the technology

Don’t be so biased and upgrade your business. Technology is not an instrument created to waste your time and take your money for nothing. Instead, their goal is usually the opposite: to make your life easier and, in the case of companies, to increase your productivity.

At this point, few businesses are reluctant to introduce technology into their organization. There is such a wide range of products and services to suit the needs of each company that doing so is more a sign of stubbornness than of intelligence.

– Flexibility in the way they work

It will be something your team will greatly appreciate. New employment options, such as flexible working hours or teleworking, are highly valued by employees, to the extent that many will include them among the main reasons for choosing one job or another.

Fortunately, the technology we talked about earlier offers multiple options to facilitate these new ways of working.

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