What is RAM memory and why is it so important for your computer?

Ah, the RAM memory….What is RAM memory? You’ve heard of it so many times! However, you probably don’t know exactly what makes this component so popular on our computers and mobile devices.

Don’t worry about it. If you have lived in the terrible darkness of not knowing what RAM memory is, in this article you will find a glimpse into its life and you will discover some things about this component that is so necessary for the proper functioning of those computers or mobile phones which make our lives so much happier…

What is RAM memory? Let’s take a look…

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a hardware component of a computer system that is used to store instructions from the processor and other computer components and the data they use while tasks are being performed.

We could say that there are two basic characteristics that define RAM memory. On the one hand, it is a very fast access memory, which is obvious considering that it is a component that is in continuous operation and depends on the performance of the equipment. On the other hand, it is a component that stores data on a temporary basis. In order for you to understand it better, we can compare it with the ROM memory, that is, the one that makes up the hard disk. The slower, more durable ROM memory remains in the computer even if it is turned off. However, the RAM memory, which can be accessed faster, loses its data if the computer is turned off.

Why is RAM so important on a computer?

For practical purposes, it could be said that the proper functioning of RAM memory is essential in a computer because it is one of the components that most directly affects its good performance, especially in terms of speed.

As we have already seen, RAM is responsible for “helping” the processor in its operations, so that it “holds”, for memory purposes, all the instructions and data that the processor needs to use when running a program.

So suppose you want to run several programs on your computer, tablet or smartphone at the same time. For example, a text editor, a browser with 3 open tabs and a business program. If the RAM is in good condition and has enough capacity, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Now imagine that you want to keep using more programs at the same time, or that you want to use more modern programs with higher hardware requirements. For example, in addition to what we saw in our previous example, there are 10 more browser tabs and 3 new and highly demanding enterprise software. In this type of situation, and unless you have a large RAM memory capacity, it is likely that it will start to suffer and your computer will suffer from it.

How do we know if RAM is not working properly?

Although it should be diagnosed – and repaired, if necessary – by an IT professional (for example, a computer maintenance technician), there are some behaviors on your computer or device that may indicate that you may be having a problem with your RAM memory. Let’s look at some of them.

– The computer is running slower than usual

It is the most classic symptom, the most frequent and probably one of the most annoying.

People who use computers or mobile devices have been faced with this problem. The slowness that we may blame on problems with RAM memory is not always due to the fact that it is malfunctioning, but is often due to the fact that we are asking too much of it. Software evolves over time, and it’s common for software to demand more and more of our hardware. And if that hardware is not updated, it will have more and more problems running new programs, and will end up doing it ” with its tongue out “, gasping like an old dog that we forced to run at the pace of an Olympic middle-distance runner.

– The dreaded “blue screen” comes to visit us

It is one of the classics in Windows operating systems. The famous “blue screens” warn us of problems in our computers, which sometimes have to do with RAM memory. In fact, and since it is so important in computers, a large part of the errors will come from problems with RAM memory. Another good reason to pay attention to it….

– The computer does not reboot or does not load the operating system

When that happens we are already talking about a more drastic problem. If your device does not turn on or does not charge the OS, you will have to solve the situation if you want to use it, so if this happens and you do not have the necessary knowledge to fix it yourself, go ahead and contact a professional.

And so far we have learned a little better about RAM memory, because it is so important for the functioning of our beloved computers and mobile phones and we have gone through some hints that may indicate that our RAM memory is having a hard time.

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