What is backup? Do you not know it yet? It will surely come in handy

What is backup? How can it help me? And, wait a minute, why would I need to relax? You cannot fool anybody. You are the kind of person who needs their personal tea mix made up of a bunch of different relaxing teas before going to sleep, including linden, lemon balm, valerian and blue vervain. Besides, you add two doses of motherwort and half an hour of transcendental meditation. Of course, after taking a hot and relaxing shower. Just to get rid of the stress and anxiety left in your body from your workday.

There are many things that can get on your nerves in your day to day, and today we are going to help you get rid of one of them, a very important one, which can significantly reduce the amount of relaxing voodoos and reiki it takes to cool down your body.

Yes, today we will try to explain: what is backup? In addition, let us see how it could help us calm our nerves and why every company should have it, particularly, companies that rely on IT solutions to save and store information. All of this has to do with the cloud and servers. Currently, most companies have huge amounts of information continually circulating, and all of them need to know what backup is if they do not want to suffer a heart attack someday.

What is backup

Backup is a term whose meaning within the technology and information field is: “copying files” and storing them in another location. So, now we already know the answer to the question “what is backup?”. To keep it simple, it is a file’s copy.

How can backup keep you from having a nervous breakdown? You can simply use it to restore the original information that you had, of course, after having lost it by accident in some unfortunate or careless incident.

This backup works to a greater or lesser extent. You may use it to restore the last thing you have saved on your computer, the up-to-date information on each and every computer in your company, or even massive amounts of data stored for years in several servers the size of a building.

If you think about it, thanks to backup, we can have a Plan B rather than rolling on the ground shaking with fear or hiding in a closet. This is a full-out plan to take action, in case an unfortunate event or any kind of problem related to your company’s systems takes place.


– Oh, no! Mike, we just lost part or nearly all of our base data, and the majority of our services fell down! There is no service!

– Jason, calm down, we can recover them quickly, do you remember the last company Christmas party? I told you about the backup we had just done. Backup, man.

– That’s great, Mike, so this issue will be fixed in the blink of an eye. We’ll be able to solve adversities smoothly.

– That’s it, Jason. I already told you about it at the Christmas party, but you were solely focused on the punch and foie-gras-and-jam appetizers instead of listening to what I told you about backup.

– You’re right, sorry bud.

– Sure, no problem Jason, keep working.

As we have just seen in Jason and Mike’s role play, backups help companies to stay calm and be aware that there is always a copy of all of their information, which is usually their most precious treasure. This copy can be automatically created from time to time or manually created whenever you want. But the purpose will always be the same: reinforcing security to reduce your reaction time when faced with some failure, in order to avoid losing your temper and your valuable information.

Some of the greatest backup’s advantages

Which do you think are the best advantages from operating with backups in a company? In fact, firstly, backups are useful for helping your chances of receiving the approval in any security clearance. A double check, a ten out of ten, a thumbs-up.

Your responsiveness will be increased:

Backups will allow you to have, in a short period of time, all of your systems back at full power and operational. Right where you had left off before the crash. Your efficiency and your services will not be too damaged. All thanks to the information restoration power of the backup.

Your customers will love and respect you even more:

Your customers’ trust will increase if they can perceive for themselves that your company can solve any setback in a short period of time. They will always take a chance on you, as it would be expected.

Double security:

The facts cannot be denied: everything you invest in security will come in handy to implement a solid security system for your business and customers’ agenda. As you may already know, when doing any individual task in your computer, there is no harm in doing a backup copy. They are always needed to solve any little mistake.

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