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1 Ehorus interface and basic use

To use eHorus as a client the minimum prerequisites are a modern browser (Internet Explorer 10, Chrome 8, Firefox 28, Safari 6) and a computer with 1GB of RAM minimum and a 256kbit minimum internet connection.

Type in the URL bar


Introduce your username and password to log in. A list of machines where agents have been installed and connected to the platform will appear. If none are shown in the list it means none have been provisioned or there has been a problem provisioning them. You can't connect to a machine until it appears in the list.


Once the systems are connected you’ll see that agents can have different statuses, shown with colors:

Green. Everything is OK. The agent is accessible.


Red. Agent is down or inaccessible, and has been like this for some time.


Yellow. The agent doesn’t respond, but was ok not too long ago. Unreliable.


Active red. The device is being used at the time and we cannot connect until it’s free.


I’ll only be able to connect to those agents that are active and in green. When doing this it’ll show a screen like the following:


To use the remote screen, click on “Display” and then on the button that connects the display:


Once connected, you can find a floating button bar on the top part of the remote display.


These options allow you to minimize the button bar, take a screenshot, access the remote clipboard and copy/paste remotely, send a key combination (CTRL-ALT-DEL, and others) or activate the full screen mode.

2 User and group management

eHorus is designed so that you can manage a large set of machines among a set of people. For this there is the concept of group. Any user can create a group, the groups section is in the upper right menu:

Ehorus group 1.png

There is always a "default" group that is where all the machines provided by that user are assigned. With the default configuration, no user except you can access your computers, even if you know your EKID.

However, you can create new groups, assign computers to those groups, and associate ehorus users to those groups, so that those users can connect to the computers within those groups:

Ehorus group 2.png

To add an agent to a specific group, edit the agent and modify the default group for other group. An agent can be assigned only to a group. You will only be able to assign a group of the ones you have created with your user:

Ehorus group 3.png