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Installing eHorus manually on Mac OS

Download the latest agent package (.tgz) from:

Open a Mac terminal and run the following command:

sudo -s

Supposing that you’ve downloaded the Mac agent into the “downloads” directory on your computer, run the following commands:

cd /Users/<miusuario>/Downloads
tar xvzf ehorus_agent_installer-darwin-x.x.xxxxx.tgz
cd ehorus_agent
./ehorus_agent_installer --install

Edit the /etc/ehorus/ehorus.conf file and replace the “eh_user” token for your eHorus user.

To start the service up run:

launchctl load -w com.ehorus.ehorus_agent.plist

To reset or run the service again if it’s already installed, run:

launchctl start com.ehorus.ehorus_agent