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1 Installing eHorus on Linux (TARBALL)

Download the latest agent package from:

In order to know your processor’s architecture, run the following command:

uname -r

If it shows x86_64 it is 64 bit, otherwise it’s 32 bit

Copy the tarball file on a temporary directory. Switch to root mode (using su or sudo commands)

sudo -s


su -

After run, on the same directory where the tarball containing the eHorus agent has been stored (*.tgz):

tar xvzf ehorus_agent_installer-centos7-x64-1.X.X-160311.tgz 
cd ehorus_agent
./ehorus_agent_installer --install

1.1 Additional installation options

This options are available. You can add it after --install:

./ehorus_agent_installer --install <option>
  • --disabled: Full agent will be installed but the service will not be configured to be launched on turn on.

1.2 Uninstallation

To uninstall an eHorus agent intalled through tarball you should run the same script with --uninstall option.

./ehorus_agent_installer --uninstall

2 Run the service

Edit the file /etc/ehorus/ehorus.conf and replace the token "eh_user" for an eHorus username.

To launch the service, run:

On CentOS:

service ehorus_agent_daemon start

In other linux distributions:

/etc/init.d/ehorus_agent_daemon start