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1 Installing eHorus on Mac OS

Support for eHorus is native on OSX 10.8 or higher. It hasn’t been tested on prior versions but it should work on 10.7 as well. This installer has a complete framework, and once the process is over, it’ll be registered and your device will continue to run (no restart needed).

On this version we still don’t have the small program that allows us to know the agent’s status (connection status, password changes, etc.) available, although in future versions we’ll have something very similar to what Windows has.

Download the installer for Mac OS in DMG format and follow the steps shown in the following screenshots:


Double click on the “ehorus_agent.pkg” icon




Ilustración 1. Introduzca el usuario de provisión


Ilustración 2. Introduzca la password para proteger el acceso a este sistema


You now have the agent installed (and presumably running) on your Mac OS system.

1.1 Uninstalling eHorus on Mac OS:

Simply head over to your “Applications” folder and run the eHorus uninstaller which has the following icon: