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Work-life balance; Discover 6 ideas to achieve this in your company

Oh, children, those little big heads that make our lives happier … If you have children, you know that as soon as they are born, they become your main priority. Therefore, you also know that any benefit from work, that will allow you to have a great work-life balance, will be very valuable.

Whether you have children or not, if you own a company or if you have employees working for you, then this is something that you should also take into account. Unless your team is very young, we are pretty sure that some members of your team are parents, so they will appreciate anything you can do in order to make their lives easier, this way, they will value their job and their motivation will be increased.

Do you want to know how you can motivate those employees who have children? These are some ideas…

Extended maternity and paternity leave

Although in most countries maternity and paternity leave are regulated by statutory provisions, these are often quite short and limited to a few weeks.

And when it comes to those permits, you can take different measures. By offering workers who have just had children the possibility of extending their maternity or paternity leave, this will be an extra incentive to value their job.

Flexible schedule

As we mentioned before, having children changes your life. And because life changes, schedules should change too. There are many obligations when it comes to children, and these are extended throughout the day. Therefore, those decisions related to flexible schedules will be highly valued.

These measures can be quite different; from a reduction in working hours, to compensation for overtime, or flexible schedule for the personnel or permits in order to meet family needs. Do you want to make the lives of your employees easier? Then, you can apply these ideas, and remember that before applying these, have a chat with the interested parties.


It is another great measure when it comes to work-life balance. Due to the nature of the job, it can only be carried out in some jobs but the possibility of working part-time or full-time will be another option that is highly valued for flexible schedule. In addition to this, many studies claim that teleworking can increase productivity.

Do you want to know some of the advantages of teleworking? Lucky for you, we have already talked about it here.

Social benefits

The arrival of new members to the family implies new needs. Since there are new needs, your satisfaction can also become incentives offered by the company.

For example, have you thought about the possibility of offering day-care services in your company? We know that in order to maintain a day-care centre in your workplace, your business will have to have a significant volume of workers, but even if this is not the case there are also other solutions, such as reaching an agreement to get discounts in day-care centres near the workplace, which will help your employees, this shouldn’t be difficult to obtain.

Another option, which is also a good example, is to offer health insurance for the whole family or especially for children. There are many options for social benefits; and just like the rest of the measures, remember that you should always take into account the opinion of the interested parties.

Events for the whole family

Family commitments mean that, sometimes, it’s hard for the employees who have children to attend events outside of the working hours. These events are created to establish relationships between workers.

However, specific opportunities for these employees can also be created. Options like picnics or other leisure activities can be very attractive so that employees can enjoy these with their children and with all the members of the team, and these can also help break the routine of the usual business meals.

Economic assistance

These can be quite different. From the popular one (and usually the best one), which is a salary increase, to different ones, such as reaching agreements with companies and getting discounts for all kinds of products and services family-related. There are dozens of possibilities that, and frequently, these will not be a great economic effort for the company and these will be greatly appreciated for the employees.

These are some ideas of measures that you can carry out in order to have work-life balance for your team, but I am sure that you, as a worker who has children, can come up with some good initiatives. Do you want to share yours with the readers of this blog? You can do that by leaving a comment in the comment section down below.
Let everyone know how you would improve work-life balance if you were the boss in your company with your comments! Or perhaps you already own a company and you are the boss, have you implemented any of these tips for a great work-life balance?
How did these measures change the work-life balance for your employees? Are they happy?

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