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Remote control in the cloud

Manage your computers or your customers’ computers: Linux, Windows or Mac. Access via remote desktop or Shell. Directly from your web browser. Anywhere, fast, easy and safe.

Your technicians will have all the servers and workstations from the eHorus interface stored and classified by groups. They will also be able to access them in a single click, as if these were in front of them.

What makes us different

Remote Shell

Whether Windows, Mac or Linux, there is direct access to a shell from the browser in text mode. Copy, paste and use the terminal as you would for SSH.


Remote Desktop

Any operating system is valid. Use the remote shell as if you were there. We have servers all over the world to offer a reduced delay time.

Complete usage audit

You’ll be able to tell who executed a command on a server, the exact date, and also what the server returned at that time. You’ll also know who killed a process, copied a file, or connected to the remote desktop.

Other features


Share access

Temporarily share third-party access with just one URL.

Copy Files

Download or upload files to the remote computer in the background.

Control of services and processes

Start processes, for services, or inspect the CPU and RAM status of the system. Fast and easy.

Download the free version

Available for up to 10 computers. Use it permanently, with no hidden costs or promotional messages. You will be able to use it together with Pandora FMS Community version.

Try it now

On-Premise version for companies

Manage your own servers, your workstations or the client’s different computers, creating different access profiles and delegating their management.

Install eHorus servers on your own infrastructure and manage all your devices without any data leaving your network.

The On-Premise license is based on the total number of devices to manage. There are important discounts for Pandora FMS Enterprise customers.

How safe is eHorus?

Your user account is protected by an optional double-authentication protocol.

Only users with access privileges are allowed into your system, whoever knows your ID.

Establish a private, one-off password for each group, that won’t be saved anywhere.


Get a detailed history of all connections or access attempts on each piece of hardware.


eHorus encrypts all communications with end-to-end SSL.

Access to each computer can be restricted, and enabled solely by requesting the current user to authorize access.

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