• Easy remote management

    It’d be wonderful to be able to manage all of your devices from a single place. Have access to them, copy software, execute scripts; all from a simple browser. That’s eHorus.

  • No more connection issues

    It doesn’t matter that there’s a firewall between the client and yourself. It doesn’t matter that your router cannot be managed. It doesn’t matter that the IP is dynamic. You’ll be able to connect to your devices, no matter where they are.

  • Instant. Multiplatform. Easy .

    In the last thirty years technology has advanced greatly. It’s time to be able to access systems with the same ease with which you access your bank account; be it a Linux, Windows or Mac system.

  • Simple licensing, no strings attached

    Tired of “mandatory contract renewals”? Tired of licensing tricks which leave you out of pocket? With eHorus the license is unique. Linear. Clear as day. You pay based on use, per month and per device managed.

  • MSP agreements

    Do you need to integrate a remote management service platform into your MSP? We’ve got some specific planning for MSP.

  • Try it for free

    Up to 10 devices totally free of cost. Limitless free account. Don’t believe us? Sign up and see for yourself. We won’t ask you for your credit card.

What is eHorus?

It’s a remote management system which is cloud based (SaaS). It needs to install a small-sized agent on your devices which is run as a service. These agents connect to our servers so that you can connect to them from anywhere that has internet.

Discover everything eHorus has to offer

Remote universal access

Instant, clientless. Forget about firewalls or proxies. Access from a Tablet or mobile device, or from any PC you have available.

Forget about firewalls or proxies

eHorus agents communicate with our servers online. If a device is able to connect to the internet, then we can connect it, wherever, whenever.

Cost-effective and flexible

You won’t have to renew licenses or keep count of how many users access their devices or pay for a year up-front. You only pay for what you use.

Can be used from any device with a browser

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cell phone, a tablet, a Mac or a Linux system. Even a touch screen Smart TV can be used. You can be connected from just about anywhere.

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Comfortable, easy, safe

That’s easy for us to say so why not try it yourself, for free?

Totally online

You’ll only have to install a small agent on each device that you wish to manage.

100% cloud based

No servers to maintain, no clients to install for your technicians. We take care of making the system work for you, according to your specific needs.

A single tool to control all your devices

Bidirectional file downloading

Upload or download files to your remote devices. Do it in the background with the browser, while you continue to work with your device.

Service and process control

Start processes up, for services. Comfortable and fast. No need to even access your desktop. You’ll be able to see your CPU and memory usage for each process, as well as view the general system status.

Remote Shell

Solve problems even quicker from the remote Shell. Whether it’s Windows, Mac OS or Linux, you’ll have direct access to a Shell from the browser.

Remote desktop

Managed comfortably from your browser. No need to install anything additionally. Even when accessing from a Tablet or cell phone.

Windows Linux and Mac OS

Agents for every platform. Yeah, we even dare to have it on BSD, but we don’t talk about this last part too much because almost no one gets it.


We can implant a totally on-premise service in your company, with its own eHorus servers. Ideal for large organizations or MSP’s

How safe is eHorus?

eHorus encrypts all communications with SSL. Plus, its user accounts can be optionally protected by a double authentication system. If this isn’t enough of a guarantee, you can always establish a unique password per team which will only be stored on the remotely accessed device.

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