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Easy remote management

The ability to manage all your remote devices from whichever one you have in front of you. Access to desktop and applications, copy software, execute scripts; all from a simple browser. That’s eHorus.

No more connection issues

It doesn’t matter if there’s a firewall between the client and yourself. It doesn’t matter that your router cannot be managed. It doesn’t matter that the IP is dynamic. You’ll be able to connect to your devices, no matter where they are.

Instant. Multiplatform. Easy.

Technology is always changing. It’s time you can access systems with the same ease with which you access your bank account. For Linux, Windows or Mac systems.

Simple licensing, no strings attached

Tired of mandatory contract renewals? Tired of licensing tricks which leave you out of pocket? With eHorus the license is transparent. You pay based on use, per month and per device managed.

MSP agreements

Do you need to integrate a remote management service platform into your MSP? We’ve got some specific planning for MSP.

Try it for free

Up to 10 devices totally free of cost. Limitless free account. Don’t believe us? Sign up and see for yourself. We won’t ask you for your credit card or share your details.

What is eHorus?

eHorus is a Cloud-based remote management system (SaaS). It installs an agent on your device which is run as a service. These agents connect to our servers so that you can connect to them from any Internet-enabled device.

Wherever you are

Imagine being able to connect to your home PC and access your desktop and files from the comfort of your office. Safely and without having to install anything on the computer from which you connect with the others.

Control your business

Do you need to connect to your clients’ on-site or Cloud-based computers? Not a problem; with eHorus you can access their desktop and even command lines remotely.

Immediate support

Do you need to help someone out who has limited technical knowledge and is at a distance from you? All you need is an Internet-enabled device, and in just three clicks you’re in their computer.

Free download

Download the free version, available for a maximum of ten devices and start enjoying the benefits – no cost, no small print, no unwanted publicity. Furthermore, it’s compatible with the Opensource version of Pandora FMS.

Try it now

Licensed version for business

Manage your server park and work posts, and take control of your environment’s security.

Install all eHorus components on your own infrastructure and manage thousands of devices for less than you think.

The license model is based on the number of devices you want to control. Existing Pandora FMS clients are eligible for a discount.

Discover everything eHorus can offer you

Remote universal access

Access any PC from wherever you are. Practical, simple and immediate.


Forget about firewalls and proxies

eHorus agents communicate with our online servers and are always connected, wherever they are.

Economic and flexible

Pay a monthly flat rate, however many users there are. Always have the latest version without having to renew the license.

From any online device

Smartphone, tablet, KDE Linux, even a smart TV: any device with an Internet browser.


Convenient, simple and secure

Try it for free and see for yourself.

No installation

Use a master device without installing any additional software. You only need to install agents on remote devices.

100% Cloud

No servers to maintain, no clients to install. Save time, money and trouble.

A single tool to control all your devices

Bidirectional file downloading

Upload or download files to your remote devices in the background with the browser, while you continue to work with your device.

Windows Linux and Mac OS

Agents for every platform; Windows, iOS, Linux, Unix and even niche OS like BSD.

Remote desktop

Direct from your browser with no need to install anything else, even when accessing from a tablet or smart phone.

Remote Shell

Solve problems even quicker from the remote Shell. Whether it’s Windows, iOS or Linux, get direct access to a Shell from the browser.


Service and process control

Start processes up for services comfortably and quickly, with no need to even access your desktop. You’ll be able to see your CPU and memory usage for each process, as well as view the general system status.

Shared access

Share access temporarily with third-parties, by simply sharing a URL.

How safe is eHorus?

Your user account is protected by an optional double-authentication protocol.

Only users with access privileges are allowed into your system, whoever knows your ID.

Establish a private, one-off password for each group, that won’t be saved anywhere.


Get a detailed history of all connections or access attempts on each piece of hardware.


eHorus encrypts all communications with end-to-end SSL.

Access to each computer can be restricted, and enabled solely by requesting the current user to authorize access.