computer remote control

The Newest Computer Remote Control Software for Business

computer remote control The exponential development curve of technology is sweeping away old paradigms as fast as we can get used to them, creating new spaces, both physical and virtual; new challenges, whether ethical or technical; and new ways of … Read More

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web based remote desktop

Web Based Remote Desktop You Can Use Anywhere

The ongoing technological revolution we’re living through is recalibrating personal interactions at a business level. From the support service which attends you when you have an incident on your network, to business partners scheduling a demo prior to closing a … Read More

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alternative to teamviewer

Alternative to TeamViewer: eHorus, simple, secure and instantaneous

Alternative to TeamViewer Are you looking for an alternative to TeamViewer? Have you scoured the Internet checking user opinions and comparative studies? Maybe you’ve decided it’s not worth the bother, and you’re going to stick with the tool you use … Read More

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Remote machine management

Remote machine management: the evolution of networks

Remote machine management The other day I made a new friend. His name is Badal and he lives in an enormous city in India. I’ve never met him face-to-face, and never will, but for an hour at the weekend he … Read More

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