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7 factors that affect your productivity at work

Productivity at work: 7 factors to bear in mind to be more productive Do you want to increase your productivity at work? Of course you want! Almost everybody wants to. What happens is that we often do not know how to do it. Do you want to be more productive but you do...

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What is backup, and how can it help you to stay relaxed?

What is backup? Do you not know it yet? It will surely come in handy What is backup? How can it help me? And, wait a minute, why would I need to relax? You cannot fool anybody. You are the kind of person who needs their personal tea mix made up of a bunch of different...

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¿HDD or SDD?

HDD or SDD? Discover some of each one's advantages and disadvantages HDD or SDD? This is a question that just a few of us considered a couple of years ago. However, lately, the storage unit battle has borne witness to what has become a tough competition. Do you have...

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What is digital divide, and how can it be counteracted?

Digital divide: what is it and what are the measures to counteract it? The concept of "digital divide" has existed ever since the 80's, and the struggle to fight against it has become part of the agenda of many governments and institutions around the world. There is...

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Some ideas to stop multitasking

8 great ideas to not multitask and instead, do a high-quality job Are you able to do a hundred things at once? Can you make a French omelette while doing the accounting of your company and polishing you living room's table? Can you play the violin, the triangle and...

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What is nomophobia, and how can it be coped with?

Nomophobia: definition, its effects and ways to cope with it   Technology's changing power is beyond doubt. In addition, as its development increases, so does the speed with which it influences society. For about a decade, the massive use of smartphones has...

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Laptop or desktop. Which one is the best?

Laptop or Desktop? Discover some advantages and disadvantages   You have to buy a new computer. The one you've had all your life, it keeps showing blue screenshots that say: " Bully! I'm too old now! I want to retire now!". Yesterday you tried to run the Windows...

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What is digital decluttering and how is it done

Digital decluttering; what is it and how is it done   Clean, clean clean! Are you the type of person who keeps a spotless home? Can you eat off the floor and perform surgical operations in your bedroom? What a stunner! If this is the case, then you probably want...

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Why is the Internet on your phone so slow?

Lagging phone. 5 Reasons why the Internet on your phone is slow   It happened again! Your mobile phone hasn't been able to connect to the Internet at the right time when you needed it most. Damn! Sometimes our mobile phone's Internet connection fails or becomes...

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