The best remote desktop software has just come to improve your life

To be cool, you do not only have to dress well, learn the new tracks on Spotify’s top ten by heart and know what the best remote desktop software is. It is also important to know how to combine your GAP hoodie and your New Balance sneakers, nail the air guitar, and of course, know what we are talking about when we say the words “the best remote desktop software”.

What is a remote desktop software, and what is it for?

A remote management software, a remote desktop, or to be more specific, an RDC (Remote Desktop Connection), is a computer tool that gives you the possibility of operating a computer, or several, from another computer that is located somewhere else. For the sake of being more clear, remote desktop software gives you the option of working from another computer remotely.

Among dozens of benefits, one of them is being able to carry out your work more quickly and efficiently, which would be more complicated to do due to distance factors and fear of wasting too much time. For example, amending some meaningless detail hundreds of miles away, and doing so avoiding the hassles involved in a long journey, is something totally enviable. You can also manage a task that is being executed on a remote computer from your own and ensure that it is done correctly.

Among other possibilities, the remote desktop is also used to offer technical assistance. Whether it may be getting any help to solve a failure on your computer, installing software or transferring files.

The best remote desktop software

As you can guess, handling your own computer remotely or solving someone else’s computer issues, not being physically there, is really useful. This concept has become extended within the technology sector and several similar softwares have been launched. Here, we will show you a list that includes several softwares which compete for the title of “best remote desktop software”.


There is no doubt that TeamViewer is one of the most popular ones and some people may even call it the best remote desktop software. It can be installed on Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.

It also enables remote management and remote support — all remote stuff, but that is just the beginning. TeamViewer has particular features as cutting-edge as Wake-on-LAN, a feature that you can use to connect your computer or turn it off remotely when you are done.

Thanks to this software, you can transfer files, share clipboards, have access to your computer from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets…) or do online meetings with your work buddies where you can choose to share a host or not to.

Installation is quite simple, and it includes another characteristic superpower that, maybe someday, you might need: it manages several systems from the same computer and it does not need to remember them.


Splashtop. Yes, we know that it sounds like an obstacle course show in a water park, but you should know that it is in fact categorized as a candidate to be the best remote desktop software. You can install it on Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Its special feature is its ability to send audio and video files, which will make it easy for you to watch your favorite shows, which you keep stored on your desktop pc, on your tablet, while you take the subway to go back home. Everyone on the wagon will absolutely turn green with envy.

Make use of all your computer applications remotely as if you were actually sitting in front of it. If you truly concentrate, you can even feel the comfort of your videogame-cave chair on your lower back.

One of the cons is that you need to adjust Splashtop’s settings before actually connecting your device. Not really anything out of the ordinary, but it may be a little bit annoying.


Virtual Network Computing works as a platform rather than as a product itself. And what it does, overall, is send the keyboard and mouse’s commands through existing protocols. In order for you to follow it, it will show you the screen of the remote system, so that you can become the spectator.

Depending on the software’s compatibility, there might be more options available, such as clipboard synchronization, file synchronization and transfer, and many more.

Once you have arranged the configuration settings correctly, you will notice the power of a platform with such great features and potential. You will be able to connect any type of device, wherever you want, provided that you have Internet connection.


Ehorus is a remote computer management system developed by Ártica ST, a Spanish software company founded in 2005 who has also created Pandora FMS, one of the most powerful network, server and application monitoring software tools on the market, and has clients and users all over the world.

Ehorus is a cloud-based remote desktop software (SaaS). Its simplicity makes it one of the best alternatives. To start using it, you just have to install it and execute a simple software on your computer. This software will be connected to the servers allowing you to have access to it anywhere. That’s right, you can log in your home computer from your office computer, and have access to your desktop and all your files easily. It will always be safe, and you won’t have to install anything else on the computer from which you want to log in.

One of the superhero powers of Ehorus is its safety. As you may already know, from your own experience, nothing is 100% safe. Ehorus, however, stays as closely as possible to this 100%. It encrypts every single piece of information exchanged with SSL cryptographic protocol, it allows you to choose a dual authentication system (receiving a message to your cell phone) and you can also set a third security system, which includes a password for each computer that is only stored on the remote system, which makes it even safer.

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