Digital transformation; Get to know these 9 professional profiles

We are pretty sure that you have already heard about the digital transformation of companies. Even though this transformation includes many new technologies, we still need people to run companies. There are people who have specific tasks and new professional profiles arise due to the development of companies and technology.

Not many people know about this, but these profiles are essential in many companies, let’s have a look at some of the key profiles of this digital transformation:

-The CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Also known as the Executive Director, this person is primarily responsible for the management and direction of the company, and also makes the strategic decisions. This person usually is the founder of the company. Due to the fact that this person is the main responsible of the company and is in charge of setting the main goals of the company, his/her role in the digital transformation of the business is quite important. His/her main task is to take the necessary steps to innovate and to keep the company moving forward. Any important decision must be approved by him/her.

-The COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Known as the chief operations officer, this person works closely with the CEO. This person is focused especially on the products offered by the company, and also his direct contact with the CEO, which will be quite important in the decision-making and when designing strategies to develop the digital transformation of the company.

-The CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

This is the company’s Director of Technology, and his role in the digital transformation of the business is essential. This is quite an important profile in any serious medium-large company; he is the person in charge of implementing the use of technology for the benefit of the company, in the broadest sense of the word, this will be used for both the manufacture of the product and in the internal operation of the company, among many other aspects. This person must have extensive technical and strategic knowledge. It is undoubtedly one of the most important profiles when it comes to digital transformation.

-The CIO (Chief Information Officer)

This person is the Information Technology (IT) Director. With this name, you can already assume his relevance in terms of digital transformation. This is the person in charge of introducing and applying IT to the company, at all levels. His collaboration with the CTO will be essential when it comes to bringing the digital transformation of the company to fruition. In some companies, the role of the CTO and the CIO will be carried out by the same person.

-The CCO (Chief Communications Officer)

This is the corporate communications officer within the company. Nowadays the communication channels of the company with customers and media are growing, and factors such as social networks have made the brand image an increasingly important element for the business, the CCO is now another important figure when determining the use of digital technologies for the company. Due to the nature of this, this person will need to be in touch with the other departments at all times in order to ensure that the image of the company is not only positive, but also coherent.

-The Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Also known as the Chief digital information officer, this is the key position for digital transformation. One of its main roles is, specially, to encourage the digital transformation of the company, so this position can be considered as the most specific profile for this task. This role is fundamental in key areas such as electronic commerce or the online presence of the company.

-The Chief Data Officer

This one shares the acronyms (CDO) with the Chief Digital Officer. It is a position that has been recently created and it doesn’t exist in many companies, but in some companies this position can be quite relevant. This is the Data Manager, the person in charge of ensuring the correct data management in the company. But, in addition to this, this person is in charge of analysing these data and getting in touch with the different departments of the company for their use in the form of strategies and all kinds of measures.

-The CCEO (Chief of Customer Experience Officer)

It is another recently created profile, also closely related to the digital transformation. In a highly competitive environment, the concept of “customer experience” has gained special relevance. One of the key elements of the digital transformation is, especially, the great importance of the client and the customer satisfaction as the main objective of the company. Although this is a profile that does not yet exist in many companies, more companies are introducing the Customer Experience Officer in their business in order to improve the experiences and the feelings of the clients towards the company.

-The CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

This is the Marketing Director of the company. Although it is not a profile of technical training related to IT, the close relationship between digital transformation and marketing within the company means that the person responsible for this task has an essential role. Therefore, this person must know new technologies, new promotion channels and might even need to interpret and use Big Data, in collaboration with the CDO.

So this is it folks! We have looked at these 9 key profiles of digital transformation. Which one are you? Don’t forget to let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section down below, do you know more profiles of this digital transformation? We want to know your thoughts.

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